Sonny Angel│Classic Vegetable Series Box Play Figure New (Single Entry Random Model)

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Popular vegetable series 2019 new revision Dolls from Japan that are popular around the world 12 +1 hidden versions are waiting for you to collect Imported from Japan


Sonny Angel│Classic Vegetable Series Box Play Figure New (Single Entry Random Model)


Japan's Sonny Angel's most popular vegetable series new revision in 2019! Come and build your own happy farm and spend a happy healing time with Sonny Angel ~ Coming from all over the world, Japan was born to bring people joy Super cute healing little things, stay with you like a little angel Super Q changeable appearance, pure and innocent smile, all troubles are swept away The details are super delicate, and the three-dimensional angel wings design make you more love. There is a hidden special edition for each series. Collect it with millions of fans! [Single Entry Product Specifications] Doll size: about W38 x D27 x H75 ~ 97 / mm Packing size: about W50 x H102 x D44 / mm Weight: about 30-36g Material: ATBC-PVC made in China Manufacturer: Dreams Inc. Japan Commodity inspection identification number: M39489 [Commodity warranty] No warranty, new product defects are not limited 【Precautions】 1. This product is a box game product. Each unit cannot know in advance what kind of content the content is. The fun of the lucky draw surprise is its main function. We will not accept the return of the problem of style preference. 2. Unpacked products other than single-entry boxes and box-purchased boxes (bags) cannot be returned 3. Please return the outer box / bag of the new product to its original state and keep the contents / accessories intact. If the outer packaging bag is dirty, damaged or torn, it cannot be returned to its original state, or the missing parts will affect your return. Rights 4. Sonny Angel products are packed in Japanese original factory. The purchase order is only shipped in random styles. The purchase box contains 12 dolls. According to the style design of each limited series, at least one limited edition of all styles can be collected Figurine 5. Box of 12 items. When a hidden version appears in the box, one of the boxed dolls will be replaced by the hidden version. 6. Regardless of box purchase or single entry, the hidden version has the same probability 7. All goods are subject to the actual product, pictures are for reference only


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