[Lost and find] Miss Spring Natural Stone Hand Carved Cat Flower Gobi Agate Bracelet

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Kitten sleeping on the wrist Bring sweetness to life


[Lost and find] Miss Spring Natural Stone Hand Carved Cat Flower Gobi Agate Bracelet


Record the bondage to spring The cat sleeping on the wrist is so cute! ! This is a sleeping cat carved from gray-blue colored jade made of jade material. The body is carved with morning glory. It is completely jade and is rare in blue. The position of the bracelet is made of opal-like empty Gobi agate. Mother sculpture flower, empty color sculpture flower, super sweet and super cute! ! This model uses a lot of exquisite carvings, each of which is carved by a team of craftsmen. The small rose is carved from a hollow blue-skinned stone. The blue color sees a small flower eye and fluorescent, like a luminous gem with a small mineral skin on the back. The team of craftsmen hand-carved each stone according to the shape of the original stone and processed it according to nature, so the shape, size, and movement are completely different. And each sculpture will be a different scene depending on the mood. The natural Alxa colored jade shape has different special colors. Guests like to check the detailed effects of crystals online. But compared to telling stories with thousands of words for each crystal, the owner believes in his intuition, and his heart will choose for you what you need most at this moment~ You feel comfortable and happy, and the god of luck will be by your side. . Cracked spar always feels inferior to people, but sometimes if you don't deliberately endure the flaws that others have crowned, you will find that you have a different brilliance when you bravely show yourself. Each of our ametrine also has deep and obvious cracks, and this natural defect is combined with the careful cutting of the craftsman, and each one also scatters a different rainbow light from its own fault due to the refraction effect. The real thing is more beautiful! Really!! But please note that natural stone is a natural product, it cannot be 100% perfect! There must be some impurities and cracks. The owner will try to explain the detailed texture if he sees it, but friends who require perfection must really think twice. 【Origin】 Hong Kong 【raw material】 Color jade agate [Size] About 15.5cm hand circumference (please contact the designer if you need to change the size) 【Precautions】 The gems are also natural. It is impossible for each to be exactly the same, and there are occasional defects. Of course, the owner will try to explain. Perfectionist friends should think twice before buying! /About Lost and find/ 【brand introduction】 Lost and find, a story-based fashion and accessories brand. Each work in the brand has its own story of "lost" and "searching". We hope to guide users to think and explore the small memories they have forgotten in life through a relaxed and interesting method. In the process, they are no longer purely the identity of the owner, but have a mutual bond with our works. Ambiguous relationship between master and servant. Origin / manufacturing method Hong Kong


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