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Sure enough, it's really good to use real fruit to make it. Please discuss it privately before buying. If there is a


Really good


"The soul of the hand is not the pursuit of 100% perfection" "About Flowery_paradise Handmade Flower Case" -Phone Case Material - Hard-bottom soft edge (all machine can be coated): The material is applied on the surface as Pc (hard), and the material on the four sides is Tup (soft). Note: The Tup non-traditional water soft material is a modified plastic soft material. Less yellow, environmental pollution, Tup material has better wear resistance, shock absorption. - Custom - (1) About 10 working days (excluding Saturday). (2) The color system of custom styles and styles can be changed. Please contact us for details. -Precautions- (1) The surface of mobile phone shell will be coated with crystal glue evenly. This process is to inlay the flower material on the mobile phone case and prevent the contact of air and moisture, so the flower material will not fall off. (2) The flowers, grass, butterflies and fruits of the selected materials are all made of natural materials. Due to the thickness, some of the materials may cause the finished products to protrude slightly after being glued off. It is a normal phenomenon and it does not hinder the use. There is no doubt about it. (3) The product is 100% hand-made, no vacuum deaeration, so there may be very small, very small bubbles within the finished product. It is normal and does not interfere with use. (4) Natural materials cannot be 100% identical, so all finished products have very inconspicuous differences, such as: flower direction, shape, arrangement, etc., and the general visual appearance of finished products is the same. In case of seasonal out-of-stock or out-of-the-box manufacturers, it will replace flowers with the same size and color. (5) In different model sizes, the number or size of floral materials may vary, and the same flower will certainly occupy different layouts on 4 and 5 inch mobile phones, so the number of flowers will vary depending on the size of the mobile phone. (6) Computers or mobile phones may have color differences in different screens, depending on the actual product. (7) Customized products are ordered according to individual needs. All commodities are unique, so once the goods are sold, they cannot be returned or exchanged. (8) There is a certain degree of difference in each finished product in the works of natural floral products. Stick to the exact same friend. Please think clearly. Currently accept customized mobile phone models: IPhone I5/I5s/I5se I 6/I6s I 6+/I6s+ I 7/I7+ I 8/I8+ I X Samsung S series Note series Sony Z3 Z4 Z5 XZ/XZS Oppo R7/R7S R9/R9+/R9S/R9S+ R11/R11+/R11S/R11S+ A35 A57 A59 A73


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