Natural Mini Zipper Grey

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Natural Mini Zipper Grey


/ Size / Mini Zipper small cylinder backpack 40*23cm / Material / Japan imports pure cotton, natural hemp / Use and maintenance methods / Hand wash / Designer and brand profile / It is a handmade backpack brand. From fabric selection to sewing, insist on hand-made. We prefer the elegance and exquisiteness of a handmade backpack compared to a branded backpack made in large quantities by the factory. We use 100% cotton Japanese fabrics, not any chemical plastics such as PVC, because we want to let everyone touch the true touch of natural cotton. I want to convey the love of art, nature and different cultures through various kinds of flowers and cloths, so that everyone can appreciate the beauty of the world. First, environmental protection All the fabrics are the quilt fabrics of the Japanese garment industry. I don't want to waste any earth resources, so most of the products are only 1~2, which also makes the One One unique. Second, embrace multiculturalism Everyone's growing environment is different, and it creates different personalities. Everyone is so unique and unique. We should not arbitrarily judge a person's good or bad. The same is true of the colors, and the various colors are like the different personalities of each person. We don't copy a lot of products because they are very popular, and we don't follow the trend. Because we are willing to accept a variety of different cultures and attitudes, embracing diversity, it also creates the diversity of Hamblepie Taiwan. About < > Taiwan is a country full of multiculturalism, and the free and open environment enriches our lives. In order to find exotic products, we hope that more Taiwanese friends will appreciate the diversity of art by introducing different countries' cultural and creative products. Understand After the persistence and principles of production, Obtained official distribution authorization and established The fan group manages sales in Taiwan and shares this high-quality handmade backpack with friends in Taiwan. Origin / manufacturing methods Thailand / handmade Feature description **100% Japanese cotton experience meticulous touch** **Double front pocket** **Plate-specific mezzanine** **Change mobile phone pocket** **Easy to adjust the length of the slip knot, no plastic buckle** **Umbrellas and shoes are placed on the ground floor, not afraid of soiling clothes** **Special bottom layer** Thanks for sharing **Even if you put on more, it is very easy to carry it back! By Jing Fang** **I like to go shopping with my little bucket on the street, it looks good and practical, great! By Xiaozi** **After all, I still bought this color. By Orange grapefruit** **This bag is a moment of love at a glance, the real thing is really cute! I took it out the next day immediately :) By chanting** **The texture of the bag is one hundred percent, the seller is super fast, the service is super intimate, big push! ! By Cindy** **Small travel small round bucket, where to go where to go, so light and good back and look good! By Zoey** **Are all ready, just for you.......** **travel together! !**


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