Dry. White Bubble King Soy Milk Soap. Soy milk soap.

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The love of dry muscles. The bubbles are super-fine, using a foaming net, there are so many bubbles that you can't hold it.


Dry. White Bubble King Soy Milk Soap. Soy milk soap.


◍Weight: 110g±10g ◍Ingredients: olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, mica mineral powder, etc. ◍Features: #压箱底 . The love of dry muscles . There are too many bubbles to hold . Smell good ◍Experience: Actual measurement, 30 degrees in summer. The child turned out this piece from the bottom of the box, left it for a long time, and forgot to put it on the shelf. Halfway through the bath, he heard the child yelling ecstatically: Mom, mom, look, how come there are so many bubbles~ The probe passed, wow~ it's full! This scent is very good. I can only say that it is very good. Every time the scent is adjusted according to the current weather and mood, it will make the most appropriate. Only when the mood is good will soap be made. The finished product will be perfect! The recent new friends are really amazing. -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------- ◍ About Abobo◍ Because soap has simple ingredients, it will not cause too much burden on the ecology. No added preservatives, foaming agents, fluorescent agents, thickeners. Give you washing products with easy-to-read ingredients. The whole process is below 40 degrees, made by cold method, 60-day UP soaping period, with humidity control, after PH testing and experimental team test washing, it can be used after confirmation of maturity. In order to keep the earth alive longer, promote housework washing soaps and body soaps for bathing, instead of synthetic detergents for dishwashing liquid and body wash, and say goodbye to bottles and cans. Recommend the family's peace of mind products to you, and hope that our joy and touch after use can also make you feel. Promising a cleaner earth for the next generation. Make the world a better place. -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------- ◍ Matters needing attention◍ ①There are two kinds of packaging methods, 1 is vacuum packaging, 2 is kraft paper packaging, please note to choose, generally vacuum packaging is shipped. ②After use, please drain it to keep Zaobao dry to welcome the next bath time. ③When purchasing, the instructions for use and storage method will be attached. Be sure to read it before you start using it, tweeted. ◍ Remarks◍ This shop is a unified invoice-free store. If you need to issue a unified invoice-free receipt, please note. -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------- ☑ The handmade soap is made of natural plants, and the shape, color and smell are slightly different, which will not affect the quality of the soap, please feel free to buy. Our handmade soaps are made with natural plant extracts; gradual fading in color and fragrance is normal and natural. ☑ The color of the product image file will be slightly different due to computer screen settings. Please refer to the actual product color. Because the commodity chart files color the computer screen hypothesis difference will slightly have the difference, take the actual commodity color as the standard. ☑ Everyone has different skin types, please test on your wrist before use. If the skin does not adapt to symptoms, please stop using it. Please try on your wrist first. Stop using the product if any allergic reaction appears. -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------


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