Mumu [vegetation] lac dye dyed purple Pouch (Sunflower paragraph)

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Mumu [vegetation] lac dye dyed purple Pouch (Sunflower paragraph)


Dyes derived from natural plant roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruit, for the environment is a benign, natural ingredients, safe, soft colors and detailed level. Mumu learn wisdom of our ancestors, from scouring cloth, tied / seam pattern, stained wood processing, extraction dye, mordant treatment, eat cool color, rinsed, dried Looking from nature can do all kinds of vegetable dye Different materials, variety, length of extraction time, each step will affect the finished result Mumu color and design of each piece is unique XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX <Mumu words> You are not often dig to dig a large bag, can not find something? That's when you need a small pouch! Whether mobile power supply, hygiene supplies, books and other hand to pull the pull something Lili Can be accommodated Travel more convenient, small pants, socks, scarves, can be put to Design pattern is a sunflower Mumu hope that we can be like sunflower, sunny day Looking stiffly, courage There are two vegetation base fabric dyed colors: pink and purple madder root dye Kerria Wood texture coupled with the lead, the same color ribbon, are also a section stained Oh Mumu 100% cotton fabric is dyed gray cloth, drawstring bag pattern on both sides are the same, very practical Welcome to order, the system takes about five working days, welcomed the inquiry, thank you Kerria dyed purple Kerria is HOMOPTERA gum scale insects beetles, native to tropical regions of India, Thailand, Myanmar, and its growth habit like Tropic of Cancer in the region have adopted growth. Lac insect shellac red pigment called red, magenta or carmine, under different mordant used to produce red roses, pink, red, dark red, purple, dark purple, black and other colors, the gorgeous full color, is not easily substituted by natural pigments. Different screens see the color and the actual product may have slight differences to the actual goods shall prevail XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX / Material / 100% cotton cloth / Size, specifications, size / Width 14 * height 20cm / Operate and maintain / 1. For cleaning, please wash separately, if slightly faded wash is a normal phenomenon. 2. It is recommended to use the neutral shower gel, shampoo, soak a while (do not long-term), water temperature below 30 degrees C gentle hand. 3. Do not use harsh detergent or bleach. 4. Please suspension after cleaning the shade to dry, not in direct sunlight, in order to maintain their bright color. 5. drying, ironing ask for every cloth ironing. 6. When the collection regardless of the use of hanging or put off long-term avoided by the same light source, resulting in localized discoloration. Recommended opacity bags bagging cloth or other covering. Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan handmade


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