【Gi LAI】Environmental Protection Double Cup Tote Bag/Couple Drink Bag-Flying Bird

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In response to the EPA’s no longer providing a good choice of plastic bags on January 1, 2017, It is made of water-repellent material, reusable, easy to clean, foldable, thin and easy to store! Let's reduce plastics and protect the environment and love the earth! Although it is not easy, let us work hard together!


【Gi LAI】Environmental Protection Double Cup Tote Bag/Couple Drink Bag-Flying Bird


▲△▲Brand story▲△▲ Face the little stone in life Turn around Remember to speak to yourself Good things [GiLai. Ji Lai Adhere to "100% handmade creation" Adhere to "pay attention to every little detail" Adhere to "Small Production of Each Work" // How to use// https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BoreS-_B7fo&feature=youtu.be // Storage method // https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uyNyfeWFE7U&feature=youtu.be // Intimate explanation // The double cup bags in the design hall are carefully selected using [Japanese lightweight waterproof cloth]. Although the fabric cost is higher, its characteristic is that the thickness is a bit thicker than the general commercial tarpaulin, but it is "lightweight" and meets the waterproof function. It can carry the weight of a double cup, and the quality of the product is better than the general commercial tarp. Consumers need to be reminded: *When the double cup bag is used, the fabric is on the front, and the pattern and color will be bright and beautiful https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49106200591_96a3f28d9b_b.jpg *When using a single-cup bag, the fabric is on the reverse side, and the pattern and color will appear foggy (but it does not affect the use function) https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49106202371_0f8056defc_b.jpg Please pay attention to the above description! // colour// [Asuka*Autumn Leaves Orange] https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50682226083_299586f915_b.jpg 【Asuka*Sky Blue】 https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50682225208_a448d52326_b.jpg [Normal version] // Dimensions// ●Flat volume: width 17.5Cm_x height 26.5Cm x side width 1Cm ●Expanded: width 17.5Cm_x height 20.5Cm x side width 9Cm ●The handle is about 30cm long (full circle) ●It can be packed in bottles with a diameter of 9Ꮯm or less, no matter whether it is a hand-cranked beverage, a supermarket takeaway coffee, a thermos, a PET bottle... Take it out easily! 【Bingba Cup Edition】 // Dimensions// ●Flat volume: width 19.5Cm_x height 26.5Cm x side width 1Cm ●Expanded: width 19.5Cm_x height 20.5Cm x side width 10Cm ●The handle is about 30cm long (full circle) ●Commercially available ice dam cups with a mouth diameter of about 10~12cm size are applicable (if it exceeds this size, we can discuss it privately!) //Material, auxiliary materials// ●Japan lightweight waterproof cloth (100% nylon made in Japan) ●Texture matte snap button ●Logo ✿Can carry two cups of hand-cranked drinks at the same time, there is a compartment in the middle of the bag to put straws, which is very suitable for couples and couples! ; Don’t worry if you want to buy a cup of drink suddenly, you can turn the double cup into a single cup, and it’s super convenient to change it according to your needs! ✿Whether it is a hand-cranked beverage, take-out coffee, a thermos, a kettle, a PET bottle... you can easily take it out; you can also have breakfast, afternoon tea dessert...! ✿In addition to the beverage/food bag, it can also be used as a shopping bag. Wallets, mobile phones, keys and other small things can also be temporarily stored. Japanese Floral cloth embellishes your life, limited sales are not afraid to hit the bag! ✿Selected [Japanese lightweight waterproof cloth], not easy to be stained, no need to clean frequently and can save water resources by the way, even if it is dirty Wash with direct water! ✿Lightweight and compact, weighs less than 15g, and comes with a small storage belt. After folding and buckling, it is only 9X9Cm in size and can be carried in the bag. In a bag or pocket, just in case you need it! ### Maintenance and precautions. ### ●All handmade, there will be a ±1Cm error range! ●Hand-sewn objects have a natural temperature. Please believe that the designer will do his best to show the texture of the work. ●The fabric pattern cannot be exactly the same when cutting, so every product will have some errors. Please refer to the actual goods shipped. You understand. ●If it is slightly soiled, you can use a small amount of water and soap for partial cleaning. If the surface is dirty, you can wipe it locally. After cleaning, please dry it in a cool place. ●Because each computer may have some color difference, the actual product shall prevail. ●If you have any questions, please contact the designer.


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