Black and White Cut - Summer Children's Japanese Flat / Bathrobe # Three models

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I have always felt that children wear cute yukatas! During my stay in Japan, I loved fireworks and everyone wore colorfu



Black and White Cut - Summer Children's Japanese Flat / Bathrobe # Three models


Muua Muua Summer ‧ Yukata ‧ Yuki
We waited for a long time! 2018 The latest color in spring and summer was finally released
Featured in Featured
Can customize 3 different models
Want to see more pictures can be message service ~
Due to the fact that most of the spot goods have already been sold, they must be booked to be completed before the beginning of July.
(At present, there are 10 rows of orders. Please do not wait for orders.)
Orders must be ordered together, so custom services are only open until the end of May 2018!

Because the unit price of the model relationship is different, please confirm the color and size of the price before you order. I will open an exclusive store.

Moderate thickness
Thinner than a normal cotton cloth, slightly transparent

Cloth Introduction
● black and white cut
I always wanted to find a cool geometric fabric that can be wild
In addition to the flowers that also want a more handsome geometry, I found this not so neat square cake.
It's a bit cool but slightly silly
There is a same-color blouse for adults
Always wanted to come for children

There are three styles to choose from
● upper and lower sets:
Selling price:1050
Children from 1 to 4 years old can wear it!
Complete size table and icon are built into pictures
After completing the trial and error, the best ratio is completed.

● Flat mouth:
Selling price:990
There is a feeling of pants, and the length of the pants is about the length of the knee. There are intentions to loosen it so that when you fall, you can also add it inside.

● triangle fart:
Selling price:990
This is to make the tender baby have more choices before deciding to do it. It works well and is playful. The bundles on the thighs are relatively loose because the baby in the thigh store is too much. I hope they can wear it easily. Comfortable
(Looking at the standard of the little peas I'm looking for, I know I'm taking care of the meat.)

☻ has muua exclusive collar
☻ South Korea and Japan synchronized colors
☻ Old Experience Taiwan Sampler Full Support
☻ quality is very good, no counters

‪# Because the pattern of the fabric is irregular, the pattern to be cut to each time will be a little off.
Use cloth
Selecting Korea/Japan's latest cotton cloth
The latest color! Let you in front ~
In addition to color, it will also choose to feel comfortable and breathable, so that the baby is comfortable to wear for the first consideration

◤ Dimension setting
Three models, the detailed size, see the illustration

Set up and down: 80/90/100/110/120/130
Moderate moderately loose, active baby, baby flesh can take freshman size

Flat mouth cover: 70/80/90 - loose version
Triangle fart: 70/80 --- normal

Top coat size:
80: shoulder width 26/bath 32.5/length 38cm
90: shoulder width 28/bust 34.5/length 40cm
100: shoulder width 30/bust 36.5/length 42cm
110: Shoulder width 32/ Bust 38.5/ Length 44cm
120: shoulder width 34/bust 40.5/length 46cm
130: Shoulder 36/ Bust 42.5 Length 48cm

Pants flat size: (waist elastic)
80: waist circumference 19/hip circumference 30.5/trouser length 27.5cm
90: waist circumference 20.5/hip circumference 32.5/ pants length 29cm
100: waist circumference 22/hip circumference 34.5/trouser length 30.5cm
110: waist circumference 23.5/hip circumference 36.5/trouser length 33cm
120: Waist 25/Hip 40/Pants Length 36cm
130: waist circumference 26.5/hip circumference 42.5/trouser length 38cm

Flat mouth size:
70: Shoulder width 24.5/ Bust 33/ Hip circumference 37/ Length 41.5/ Full length 47.5cm
80: Shoulder width 26/ Bust 35/ Hip 38.5/ Length 43.5/ Full length 49.5cm
Triangle fart flat size:
70: shoulder width 24/bust 33/hip 37/length 39/full length 45cm
80: Shoulder width 26/ Bust 35/ Hip 38.5/ Length 41.5/ Full length 48cm


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