Valentine's Day Valentine's Day │ simple love _ ring │ no box

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Valentine's Day Valentine's Day │ simple love _ ring │ no box


Valentine's Day Valentine's Day │ simple love _ ring │ no box


//Product specifications// . Product Name: Simple Love Ring . Material: tying wood + purple heartwood + corkwood (male ring), walnut + eucalyptus + walnut (female ring) //Introduction // Simple love Ingenious and ingenious A lifelong gift with a heartfelt wish, thanks to the most precious person on the journey of life. Snowy winter is a romantic season It is also the best scenery for lovers to cuddle with each other. Pull each other's hands and put on them Firm and immortal commitment ※You can purchase laser lettering and engrave your heart! //Reminder// Due to the growth of natural logs, there are individual differences in wood grain, color, etc. to ensure that each ring is unique. Wooden rings are painted and protected It’s fine without a belt on weekdays. But not suitable for long time in the water, for example: swimming bubble soup Weekday maintenance can be cleaned with a clean cloth, wood wax oil Let the wood absorb the grease Please measure the size before purchase. After you Measure the diameter of the ring you wear ""Attention"" The quantity is ""Inner diameter"" Tell us We are making the size according to your size. Please give us some time to order for you. If you have to wait, please forgive me. Ring circumference measurement method: 1. Hold the ring that fits your finger, put it on the ruler with the centimeters, and see how many centimeters the inner diameter of the ring is. You can check the fence and see the drop point at that point. . 2. If the drop point is just between the amount, please add and subtract half of the number automatically. //Designer and brand profile // Elm hand made only a dream for the round [No change, dreams are always just fantasy. 】 Sweating "water" and a simple "heart" made wood called "沁木手作". Founder of Elm, Wood "Dreamer" - Xie Jinqing Five years ago, when I was in contact with the field of woodworking, I found that my love for woodworking far exceeded my imagination. In the past five years, I have been learning and creating. After thinking about it, in order to build my own brand, I decided to take a step in February 2014 and set up the “沁木手作” studio. The business side is mainly engaged in accepting orders, pursuing customization and refinement--a unique woodwork creation, creating works ranging from small ornaments, pots and pans, to tables and chairs. The products of Tochigi's hand-made products advocate the concept of "environmental protection, recycling, reuse" Make good use of recycled old wood materials, use hands to give new life to the old materials, create a variety of daily necessities, and create larger styles of rustic furniture. Notebook, etc. 2014 "Creative Beech Cutlery Group" won the Top Ten Gifts of Hsinchu City 2015 "Coffin Handmade Pen" won the top ten companion ceremony in Taichung 2016 "Handmade Elm Steel Ballpoint Pen" won the "Taiwan Top Ten Gifts" Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan handmade


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