Night Moon Bracelet - Hand made Natural Stone Beads Black and White - Yue. Unicorn - natural stone 925 sterling silver Tibetan silver

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Night Moon Bracelet - Hand made Natural Stone Beads Black and White - Yue. Unicorn - natural stone 925 sterling silver Tibetan silver


Elastic beaded bracelet beaded bracelet 4mm stone (bead beads), 6mm natural stone (blue stone, obsidian), 925 sterling silver, Tibetan silver With paper bag*1, box*1, intimate card*1, product guarantee card*1, maintenance wipes * 1 The moonlight at night Night clear moonlight Is so hazy Is so clear It is desirable to bathe them The color of the moonlight Deep and elegant filled with hidden energy People have a new light before the arrival of the quiet This section is pretty nice to wear For your every move plus points! Packing diagram: -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------- Hand size measurement: 1. With a thin line to the wrist the best around a circle, do not over-tighten or relax, and measure its length can be. 2. If you like to wear the degree of tightness, please specify the designer. 3. Product size limit: measuring the total length of 12cm ~ 20cm 4. Have any length of doubt be sure to ask the designer. Material Use: 1. Bracelet is used # Japan elastic silk thread. 2. Natural stone surface may have ice cracks or mining, and the design of the museum part of the natural stone has been optimized, the degree of optimization of each stone is not the same, if the minds of those who ask a lot of consideration, if not acceptors do not Okay Oh! 3. Commodity metal fittings are used in 925 sterling silver, silver or pure color brass. Precautions: 1. Metal with beads may be due to wear when the magic rub and collision and produce a little scratches and metal oxide marks, are normal, do not worry. 2. Natural stone because of long-term wear or wear when the collision and damage the surface of the light, is a normal physical phenomenon. Use and maintenance: 1. Metal parts need to regularly wipe with a wiping cloth maintenance. 2. If the metal parts for the 925 silver, do not carry hot springs, to prevent the metal vulcanization black. 3. Part of the natural stone hardness is not high, should pay attention to the situation of the fall to prevent natural stone fragmentation. 4. Clean items are alkaline or acidic erosion of chemical composition, it is not recommended to bathe or swimming when wearing. 5. Usually do not wear, you can use the wipe cloth to wipe the goods, the storage box to the box. After-sales service: 1. Goods are handmade goods, no return or replacement services (except defective goods). 2. Each piece of goods to enjoy the seven days free to modify the length of the opportunity of B, freight to be borne by themselves. 3. If the goods need to be re-connected after the break, the need to be the original bracelet beads and metal parts back, need to charge 100 yuan finishing costs, if the length of material loss will be calculated as the proportion of goods as a material fee, freight Need to be borne by yourself. 4. If the goods due to long-term wear to be cleaned or the replacement of natural stone, to be charged 200 yuan, the replacement of the material to the proportion of the cost of goods as a material fee. Origin / manufacturing method Taiwan


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