Refreshing citrus deep cleansing soap

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The aroma of herbal citrus enhances the mood and balances oil secretion, leaving the skin clear and translucent, while removing impurities from the skin, leaving the skin silky and smooth.



Refreshing citrus deep cleansing soap


**Blue Earth - Refreshing Citrus Deep Cleansing Barrier** Made with 100% all-natural herbal ingredients and essential oils, it blends with the aroma of herbal citrus to enhance the mood and balance the oil secretion, leaving the skin clear and translucent, while removing impurities and making the skin silky and soft. Ingredients: coconut oil, water, olive oil, rice bran oil, sodium hydroxide, citrus oil, grapefruit oil, bergamot oil, cocoa butter, hemp oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, rosemary oil, activated carbon Founded in 1998, Blue Earth produces a range of highly effective body care products with premium organic herbal ingredients and natural essential oils. Environmental protection is the core concept of Blue Earth's brand. The plant uses all-solar power to generate electricity, and it also offsets the carbon footprint generated during the production process. Our soaps are hand-made from high-quality raw materials and have been used in small batch production in the Southern Alps of New Zealand for many years. With the purest water source and the most natural raw materials, the natural essence is restored, and we hope that each product can heal the body.  We guarantee that all soaps are long lasting, odor free, and free of palm oil. **[About Blue Earth]** **"From 1998 onwards, we insisted on hand-made various herbal products with high-quality raw materials."** Founded in New Zealand, Blue Earth has 21 years of experience in the production of herbal essential oils and natural handmade soaps. Blur Earth insists on using only high-quality raw materials, extracting all kinds of natural and pure essential oils with organic herbs, treating the skin in the most basic and natural way for different skin needs and problems, and the unique aroma of herbal oils. Can appease and heal our hearts. **"Blue Earth insists on not doing any animal testing."** Blue Earth has been handcrafted for many years and is produced in small batches in rural New Zealand, where the quality of each product is strictly monitored to ensure that every product is safe to use. Compared with the products mass-produced by machines, the hand-made products have a higher temperature. Each piece of soap is unique. There may be uneven and imperfect places, but these are the same products produced by the machine. Handmade texture. **[ Blue Earth Pinkoi Design Gallery is run by exclusive agent Pimaryhk! 】** **[Items of goods delivery]** *The goods will be shipped from Hong Kong by Hongkong Post or SF Express. The Taiwan area will be delivered within 5 working days. *If you need the Hongkong Post Office registration, you will be charged separately, please pay attention! *For shipping charges and timeliness in other areas, please ask for the time limit for sending a private message. Please pay attention! Orders from Monday to Friday will be sent out the next working day Orders for Saturdays to Sundays and public holidays will be sent on Monday or after the holidays. Send Taiwan: Big five working days Sending Hong Kong: Big Three Working Days The merchandise photo displayed on the screen monitor may cause color difference, and the product color should be based on the actual product. Origin / manufacturing location: New Zealand design and manufacturing


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