Cute Indoor Potted Plants-Asparagus bonsai (cloud piece bamboo)

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The origin of Asparagus is southern Africa, and it likes a cool and humid environment. Asparagus bamboo has always been a popular choice for office plants. It has a feeling of clouds and is very elegant.


Cute Indoor Potted Plants-Asparagus bonsai (cloud piece bamboo)


[Product name] Asparagus potted plant [Contents] Plants, pots, 1 part of lazy manure, colorful ceramsite [Sunshine🌞] Asparagus bamboo is more resistant to heat in partly shaded places or indoor bright places. In summer, please avoid direct sunlight. In winter, you can tolerate more sunlight. If there is withered yellow around the leaves, confirm whether the sunlight is too strong. [Moisture 💧] Only water the pot when it becomes lighter. If it is the size of a 5-inch pot, it is approximately 600 grams before watering and approximately 1000 grams after watering. If it is a 3-inch pot, it is approximately 70 grams before watering. After water, it is close to 140 grams. For watering, please refer to this video ( . Asparagus bamboo likes damp places, but please do not accumulate water, if the leaf edges start to turn yellow , Please reduce the frequency of watering, not the amount of water 【Soil 🌱】The soft soil can be covered with bark, volcanic rock, and green zeolite, which can keep the soil surface moisturizing, and will not grow weeds, and can also reduce the incidence of small insects. If you need additional soil, you can use our vanilla cultivation soil. When you change the pot, you can add fertilizer underneath, so that the roots of the plant can absorb the fertilizer, and the plant will be healthier [Fertilizer 🌼] Asparagus bamboo grows in spring and autumn, you can give leaf viewing fertilizer 1.5 times the recommended value, and at other times, 0.5 times the recommended value. [Humidity☔] Asparagus bamboo likes a little humid air and can spray water on the leaves to maintain humidity [Temperature☃] Asparagus bamboo likes the weather in Taiwan in spring and summer. When it is too cold, the growth will stagnate, and when it is too hot, it will tend to turn yellow. [Pets 🐶🐱] There are two cats and one dog in the park, and they are not interested in asparagus. However, the leaves and fruits of Asparagus are toxic, which can cause pets to vomit. If you repeatedly touch the leaves, you will have an allergic reaction. If your pet has a foreign body, please pay attention to it. [Leaf 🍂] You can spray water directly on the leaves of Asparagus to increase the humidity of the air [Purify the air🌎] Asparagus bamboo has excellent air purification ability, filtering carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide are very good, you can put the asparagus bamboo in the bedroom, or study room, can bring you fresh air, so that you will not be polluted The air is dull. [Remarks] The plants in the park are not sprayed with pesticides and growth hormones, and only controlled with natural materials. The blades will inevitably be dusty or damaged. If you mind, please confirm with us first. Thank you


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