Full bloom | hair band

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With the hair band, you can match different styles of wear, whether it is cute, literary, temperament or simple and comfortable. Worried about wearing a long discomfort, you can also tell us your head circumference, order the appropriate hair band size :)



Full bloom | hair band


| Product introduction| ◎ Material | Corduroy, elastic band ◎ style | elastic band ◎ Size | Head circumference 54 – 57 cm; hair band width 6 – 7 cm "The head circumference is less than 54 cm", "The head circumference is more than 57 cm", or the custom hair band is loose and tight, and the trouble is to contact the designer. If you need to widen or narrow the order, you can also tell us the order note. If you do not inform in advance, if the size does not match after receiving the goods, you need to replace it with the shipping fee~ An example of an order note is as follows: Head circumference is 59 cm, it is customary to wear loose, and the width is narrowed to 5 cm. | Process | 1 Select the product style, note the order details, complete the order 2 2 - 3 days after the payment is completed, MIX will make it for you and send it out. 3 Taiwan's main island mailing shipment arrives in about 1-2 days; convenience store shipment arrives in about 48 hours 4 Leave a comment for MIX and get a coupon <3 | About MIX | Buy cloth, cut cloth, sewing to hand sewing, like a quiet time for one person Looking forward to finding all kinds of fabrics with great anticipation, trying to create different possibilities Hand-made temperature brews every story about everything around you For MIX, handwriting is a process of healing yourself, and you are hoping to receive them. Committed to making your favorite hair bands, let them add color to life When you are too lazy to change clothes, wearing a hair band looks like it is such a thing to wear. The biggest wish is that one day I saw the hair band of MIX being worn on the road~ ♥ If there is a gift request, you can make a note in the order, MIX can pack it for you~ ♥ 急 急 Please ask the private designer in advance to ask if you have time to place an order! ♥ If you have a favorite color and want to make other products, please feel free to discuss it. 裁 Closing the fabric may result in the product being not exactly the same as the photo. For example, it is recommended to purchase a simple, repeating pattern. If you have any questions, please feel free to click "Contact Designer" to discuss!


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