[Bones] Valentina side back with two black laptop bag VINTAGE

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[Bones] Valentina side back with two black laptop bag VINTAGE


**Please read the following instructions before buying and agree**

[Bones] goods are taken in kind

Because PINKOI format only five upload a picture

We will be insufficient as part of elaborate

Hoping to narrow the gap with the physical picture of

Any commodity problems and other details and photos are welcome to write [Bones] say

We will strive to respond to everyone

I hope you can understand our intentions

**Make sure before you buy is important to understand do purchase**

Because [Bones] Most commodities have years of beautiful antique flavor of products,
In the commodity itself has its own tale signs of aging, not because of new merchandise,
These signs of aging by no means blemishes on the [Bones] That's why we carefully selected for unique mark of goods,
So be sure to check before buying if you can accept these,
NA seven days inspection period, please be careful to buy,
We sell merchandise in addition to the product itself really can not be caused by normal use
(We publish pictures and shipment will be confirmed over and over again, is not there this occurs,
But if we really did not notice the place, receipt of goods have not work properly,
Please and we said, will be able to assist the return or replacement product),
The rest do not accept any reason to return,
Have any questions please try to force us to question
The two sides so as to avoid inconvenience

End about 30x11 height of about 26.5 cm

Valentina black dorsal hand with two packets

Italian system

The appearance of leather and metal, strap colored fall because of how many years relations, traces

A zipper pocket sandwich was divided into two

Inside there is a zipper pocket sandwich

There is a back zipper pocket

Section shows scarce, especially for those who like you

The reason why the old product is fascinating is that he has no new traces of history,

Is the share of unique smell, temperature fascinated by other people,

If you know, also liked the distinctive scars,

Pick your own good that in the past

If not accept old wounds do something unique index,

Each color screen is different, the color-based entities,

**Sold not accept returned**
Origin / manufacturing methods
Italian system


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