Be WISE. Black Wisdom Old Hat Blessing Plan Christian Gospel Brand Bible Scripture Proverbs

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Be WISE. Wisdom old hat 1⃣️ The texture is improved, the fabric and the lathe are upgraded, and the durability is Up! 2 ⃣️ saturated colors 🔵 new season new feelings. 3⃣️ Dad hat maintenance (Dad Hat), still light and thin fabrics are not stuffy or hot ✌🏼


Be WISE. Black Wisdom Old Hat Blessing Plan Christian Gospel Brand Bible Scripture Proverbs


Inquiry returns to the old hat of wisdom 智慧 Please note the following surprise points! !! !! [Be WISE. Wisdom old hat 3.0] 1 ⃣️ hat texture improvement ☝🏼✨ Both fabric and lathe are upgraded, Wearability Up Up! !! !! 2 ⃣️ colors are saturated 🔵 New season new feelings ~~~ The difference between the old wisdom hat 3.0, Different from the previous washing cloth, 3⃣️ Dad Hat maintenance, Still light fabric is not stuffy or hot ✌🏼 4⃣️ Classic design X six-color old hat Seeing the skill of electric embroidery, the texture is the highest - wisdom, From the one who created the world, The source of all beauty, creativity, and abundance, He is omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient. Obeying his teaching, Obey his orders, Respond to his call. Not being a fool, Be a wise man. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; Fools despise wisdom and instruction. -Proverbs 1: 7 #BeWise # Proverbs17 # 不做 傻 疑 人 # Be a wise person - [Smart old hat 3.0🧢 a total of six colors] True black (white embroidery) Azure Ocean (white embroidery) Classic Grey Tsai (white embroidery) Light white (white with embroidered characters) Bright orange bright red (beige embroidered) Army green pie (beige with embroidery) 1) Due to the product shooting and the color setting of each screen, the entity and the picture may have color difference according to different conditions. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. 2) The same old hat of the same style will not be sold out after the same color is sold out. The limit is cruel and precious. I like it, please take the opportunity! #TheBlessingProject #Blessing plan ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ [The Blessing Project] The brand started in the summer of 2016 to support the jersey sponsorship of "Tainan Evergreen Middle School. Rugby School Team". The first product revenue successfully completed the sponsorship. Later, I continued to design and think of other products, and dreamed that I could bless many people with the products and income of the blessing plan. The founder of the brand is the musician Da Tian (drummer and songwriter of the cherry gang of the Taiwanese Women's Orchestra). Now he serves with the husband Rev. Kristopher at the Living Water Church in Tainan, and is engaged in the education and pastoral work of students and youth. Young people can live a different life. [The Blessing Project] belongs to Kingdom Business. It strategically uses business channels and income to achieve vision. The products of [The Blessing Project] are based on the design of the Bible. Several Christian designers have a common passion for the "life of young people". We love to see the words, dialogues, stories in the Bible presented in a professional and creative way. I hope that in the young ethnic group, the design field, In the gospel commodity market, more design with texture, vitality and beauty is contributed. [Blessing Project The Blessing Project] The products we all like very much and will actually use. In the process of design and production, there were many discussions at different levels. Thanks to the help of many people, let us truly present our ideas. Thank Jesus even more, because all wisdom and creativity come from him.


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