New fallen single-cover long clip (can be customized for exclusive use)

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More than the old version of the two card slot layer, the magnetic buckle is changed to the in-line type to make the pic


New fallen single-cover long clip (can be customized for exclusive use)


For basic length clips please refer to:

|Leather |
Incredibly, we have our own unique leather designed and manufactured.
It has a warm touch that is unforgettable and easy to forget.
It has the most beautiful color changing process
It can bring you an unprecedented quality of life

| Design Concept |

We have to create one
Longest clip for maximum comfort

| In-line magnetic buckle |
We embed the magnetic clasp into the inner side so that the plane does not have any protrusions.
This is a very difficult process
Make the whole face more flat and the wallet can be quite compliant when picked up

"External grip"

a small hand can grasp the ruler
the difference is
We carved two planes on top of the wallet
Give the user the best support and fit of the belly
We create a grip that has never been seen before.

"Unbelievably light"
The leather used has no excess paint and has been specially processed.
15% less weight than vegetable tanned leather of the same thickness
The entire wallet is as light as 125g
Give you a lighter life

"Interior comfort"

Stick to 1mm thick leather with a leather fold of 0.4mm
This state slips over the belly
There won't be too much hindrance or a thin skin feel
When the skin inside the long clip
Treat this way
Any use action by the user
Will be very comfortable

"Unbelievable craftsmanship"

In order to achieve the ultimate in comfort
The most difficult thing is that we have to sew the zipper stitches inside.
And retain the leather edge on both sides of the zipper
Let the belly of your hand be comfortable in any corner of the wallet
Make the visual look simpler and more simple
Complete 7 processes in this process
Then it has never appeared in the market
Because it is unsimple crafted for the pursuit of comfort

"Focus on line aesthetics"

The reflex of the inner piece of the long clip eliminates the original sense of line
Long clip outside
We keep the outer part and use the edging wax
Increase the sense of line and close the vision of the wallet in one space
In the middle part, we choose to use the way of reflexing.
Eliminate too many lines

"It's not just simple"
The wallet opens without a clear card position
Instead, hide the main 6-layer card in the interior
Each layer of card has a widening design
Let the 8 layer card have 16+ cards

"Payment and Promotion Service"
Beauty, between the raised text on the leather and the light that creates multiple levels of haze and lightness
We hope that customized lettering is more than a message aesthetic.
This is the unique way of unsimple customization.
(The embossing is limited to 5 characters in English)
*Manual imprinting is inevitable with some microindentation, disappearing after a while
Plus purchase:

Ruler: 20cm x 8.5cm x 2.3cm
Weight: 125g
- Card position * 8 (16 + card amount)
- Zip coin pocket *1
- Large capacity banknote layer*2
-Invoice layer*1
Japanese-style simple and low-key exclusive packaging


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