Drill ethereal feather hand-made bridal headdress

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Drill ethereal feather hand-made bridal headdress


Pai Xiongkou guarantee of two ultra-practical design ~
Before doing a few "fake feather" Rhinestone chain design. But this time got shorter beads show no sense to add a feather to feather really upgrade the entire design. Match the different forms of diamond flower leaves and pretend to be a marquise diamond, because the overall worry too bright so I chose the 7 color beads strung leaf embellishment. So that the overall better definition.

Size: 10.5cm x5cm, 10cm x4cm (does not contain feathers length)

Each headdress only make a design, just like every bride is the most unique.

Bridal headdress inspired me to make a small story:
I grew to like fantasy wedding wear after the wedding and then draw them down, sometimes with strings of beads, doing their own hair. After studying fashion design grew up in her mother's support, was found in the process of reading the wedding in addition to the design is very important, delicate embellishment above more fascinated me but began to specialize in handmade jewelry processing class. Although no further contact after graduation wedding but idle at home like to indulge yourself slowly groping hand as the world can not be compared. Sometimes hands-on production of some accessories and hair to send to friends.

By chance very good friend asked me to make her marriage with the bride tiara, watching their own design baby can participate witness the happiness of others I was deeply moved. Also under the encouragement of friends decided to start selling some of their satisfaction with the work.

Each design will only make one, because the design and production of the time I was holding back, if I was the bride wear to how it feels to how the style of design. Feeling can not be copied so the design will not follow copied.

More money than I want your kids to enjoy their encounter horses, let them take my place to witness the happiness.

Wear Warm Tips:
- Headdress from the bag out to first organize and Joe angle / camber wear.
- Please fix the hair and only then in the other breath wearing headgear position, if it is fixed on the position to be adjusted to avoid pulling hair styling hair was sprayed on the hair, good prolong the life of headgear.

Headwear maintenance methods:
- Headdress is no "metal processing (plating)" treated, so please put in sealed bags stored without use, in order to avoid oxidation. Unable to restore the original color after oxidation.
- If the interface can handle up paint headdress welding welding production mode, but you may still be able to cope slit appears. Mind please do not single. This situation is occurring in the backside.

Headwear Package:
- Overall headdress is free shipping.
- Every headdress is no gift box, only thicker sealed bags. But mailing time will be shipped in a box wrapped.

Interested to know more about the process of making my usual please join my lnstagram:. Eva t3oh

Origin / manufacturing methods
Malaysia design


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