Mao Hai's snack cans (three small white three into the group / dry 400 glass sealed cans * 2)

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My romantic afternoon tea with Mao Hai Spend a leisurely afternoon with the beloved Mao Hai, and pet the little Mao from his favorite snack pot ~ Let the cute three little white and dry series sealed glass jars help you protect your favorite snacks!


Dolce Emilia

Mao Hai's snack cans (three small white three into the group / dry 400 glass sealed cans * 2)


**Three small white with glass sealed jar series!** **Three small white three into the group** To pet Mao, take his favorite snack cans ~ Whether it ’s buying fresh snacks from the market, or dried minced meat made by minions, All need to be carefully preserved to keep the dim sum dry and fresh, Let the cute three little white and dry 400 series glass sealed jars help you protect your beloved snacks! **Commodity combination:** The full series of dry three Xiaobai includes three models of "Little White Meow", "Little White Wang" and "Little White Rabbit" and three sets of dry + dry 400 glass sealed cans **Product specifications:** **Xiaobai Meow** Size | L5.0 x W3.2 x H1.5 cm Weight | 28.4 g **Xiaobaiwang** Size | L5.0 x W3.2 x H1.5 cm Weight | 29.1 g **White Rabbit** Size | L5.0 x W3.2 x H1.5 cm Weight | 26.7 g **Commodity composition:**Diatomite, clay, zeolite, plant fiber **dry 400 glass sealed jar** Specifications | 400ml Size | ∅9 x H10 cm Weight | 195g Material | Natural high-quality bamboo bamboo cover, food-grade silicone seal ring, high borosilicate glass Temperature resistance | -20˚C ~ 150˚C **Place of Origin:**China **Before you buy:** 1. The surface has a small amount of air holes or a few impurities, which is a non-defective product in the normal situation of the forming process, and does not belong to the scope of defective products 2. The product is made of pure natural raw materials, without any chemical adhesive. Some powder on the surface is normal. Please use it with peace of mind. **Note before use:** 1. After taking it out of the package, put it directly into a sealed can and use it 2. In rainy days, it is recommended to bake in a small domestic oven for 5-10 minutes before use to exhaust moisture, and then cool it before putting it into a sealed can. 3. A slight amount of powder may fall off during use, which is normal. 4. If the powder particles are accompanied by food intake, please be assured 5. It may absorb the color or oil of food during use, without affecting the function 6. Do not eat non-food, be careful not to put babies and children in their mouths **Precautions:** dry diatomaceous earth The baking temperature should not exceed 110˚C, and the baking time is about 5-10 minutes. It can avoid surface coking and structural embrittlement if the temperature is too high or too long. **dry 400 glass sealed jar:** 1. Do not heat by direct fire. It is not recommended to store liquid substances. Do not use steel brushes to scrub or touch the surface with sharp objects. 2. If you take it out of the refrigerator, do not put hot food directly to avoid the risk of bursting due to thermal expansion and contraction due to instantaneous temperature difference. 3. The glass bottle is purely blown by hand, and some of it may contain micro-water marks or small bubbles, which are normal and non-defective.


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