Big staff Taipa [manual Tainan specialty] good luck (pregnancy) 椪 sterling silver earrings wish good luck pregnant

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[椪 cake, also known as bulging cake] 椪 是 是 台 台 台 台 台 台 台 台 台 台 台 台 台 台 台 台 台 台 台 台 台 台 台 台 台 台 台 台 台 台 台 台 台 台 台 台 台 台 台 台 台 台 台 台 台 台 台 台Quarrel and good!



Big staff Taipa [manual Tainan specialty] good luck (pregnancy) 椪 sterling silver earrings wish good luck pregnant


[material] 925 sterling silver [Size] 0.8cmX0.8cmX0.7cm, the overall length is about 6.5cm [Features] 椪 cake is also called convex cake ★The old elders said that eating three glutinous cakes is like making a sesame oil chicken. Originated in the Qing Dynasty, women were born in the month of the month, and nutritional supplements were insufficient. Therefore, the convex cake was invented, and it was fried with sesame oil and the like, and used as a postpartum supplement. Also known as "moon cake" Because of the scent, it is also known as "fragrant cake." When the body is baked, it is naturally shaped convex due to the expansion of internal heat. Gifts also have the meaning of blessing early birth, good pregnancy (transportation), Can also be used in sacrifices, awards, quarrels and good! Items are attached ~ box / tote / guarantee card Goods are available after-sales service! ------------------------------------ Maintenance method It is normal for sterling silver jewelry to oxidize and blacken in the air. Can be stored in the included box when not worn. The contact between the jewelry and the air prevents oxidation of the jewelry of pure silver. You can also use the maintenance of small things - silver water / silver cloth, Let the jewelry maintain a bright luster. -------------------------------------------------- ------------- How to use small things Silver cloth For the maintenance of jewelry for weekdays, wipe the metal surface *When the silver cloth is a maintenance cloth that contains easy maintenance, do not wash it with water. Cloth black is normal, until the jewelry is not bright and then discarded directly. Do not wipe the surface of the semi-precious stone with a silver cloth. If it is rubbed for a long time, the surface of the semi-precious stone will be scratched or fogged. * Silver wash water 1. Put the silverware in the silver wash water and dip it for 3 to 5 seconds. 2. Take out the jewelry from the silver wash water and rinse it with plenty of water. 3. Dry the jewelry or dry it with a hair dryer 4. Can be used with silver cloth to make the silver decoration shine, like new *Remember*vintage black jewelry do not dip into the wash water, otherwise the retro black will become the original silver 喔! Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan handmade


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