Custom 925 sterling silver

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Exclusive guest set 925 sterling silver _ water ring, guest exclusive exclusive!



Custom 925 sterling silver


Exclusive guest set 925 sterling silver _ water ring, guest exclusive exclusive! design concept (For reference only pictures from the Internet) Life is like water Soft and strong Can adapt to various shapes and various environments Sharpen the edges and erase the difficulties What you leave behind is your own real Courage and self-confidence design concept: Will stiff material Using streamlined techniques to create a water-like effect Ring on fingertips Rotate around with different pictures Like the water current, the cycle is between the words (Last appearance before cleaning) Every ring is designed to be hand-crafted Temperament style, simple and nice, slightly neutral / Material / Inner layer: Solid 925 sterling silver Outer layer: silver plated white k / Current ring size / Ring thickness: 0.2CM inner / Ring width: 0.9CM Diameter: 1.7cm~1.8cm Basic dimensions of international reference: 13~14 can be worn ~ * According to the international ring Wai, can be ordered according to your ring! *Indicate the size can be reduced to the date you received! / Use and maintenance / Silver care: Put the silver cloth in the zipper bag after it is wiped to protect it from the air! Avoid oxidation and wear for a long time. Can wipe the oxidation part with silver polishing cloth! If you can't maintain, please contact me or give it to a professional person^^ /Packing/ * Exclusive hand-packed!!!!!! (In the summer of 2015, packing season change !!!!!!) The designer himself is a person who loves to pack and write small cards. So if you want to give someone .... then you're looking for ~~~! The works in the hall M are packaged and shipped. The LOGO on the paper box is also branded by hand because it is handmade So every box is also unique So as long as you want to give away, please tell me ~~ I will help you to spend more than one flower ~~~~ (this is a metaphor to pull!!!!!!) Packing paper ~ choose to pick ~! but definitely everyone loves money ~ ~ (I love it too!!!!) Each is an EVA hand-packed!!~ Because I hope every girl I receive will be smiling~ If you want to give a gift~"""" Don't forget to place an order and tell the EVA recipient how to call it "???"""" Because there are handwritten small cards will be attached inside ~ Now everyone is accustomed to using LINE ㄌ ~ The handwritten words still have their emotions, so I like to write in handwriting and also insist on handwriting to all the guests. Thank you for letting me get involved with you because of your work! Welcome to M Fan Group (FB Search: M, moment) / Designers & Brand Profiles / MY moment t is M, moment Life is like a bundle of lines, everyone has their own color There will be different kinds of people in life, like lines of different colors staggered on the screen With the creation of “lines”, simple segments will present a beautiful, interlaced yet beautiful piece of life. However, at the meeting point between the line and the line, the person, the thing, and the object encountered by this moment are full of touching moments and memories. This is what I want to express. I hope that through the creation of the line version, we will preserve the beautiful picture and share it with us who are struggling to live. I hope to express the beauty of each little story through the pattern, because the pattern is the simplest language in the world. The pattern is created by the jewelry that extends to the hands and the body, so that the pattern is not a graffiti on paper. The color of the line can be expression, patterns can have emotions! M = MY That's mine, your beautiful story MOMENT is in the intersection moment of that life Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan / Manual


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