Sustained Story Lecture | International Curator Afu - Perpetual Imagination of Cross-Border New York

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Sustained Story Lecture | A proposal by Soda Green Head Afu to share the life of perseverance. Visiting Taiwan, all the way to New York, with the abandonment of art, and actively promoting the Taiwanese music scene, tears and blood all the way, not simple.
台湾 / 台北市
台北新創中心Fashion Taipei | 台北市 玉門街1號 (圓山捷運站一號出口)
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Story Wear

Sustained Story Lecture | International Curator Afu - Perpetual Imagination of Cross-Border New York

ワークショップの内容 **"Story Wear Sustained Story Hall"** I hope that through various seminars, workshops and other forms, we will promote various creative ideas for "sustainable fashion and sustainable living". "The fashion industry is the second largest source of pollution in the world." This is the original intention of Story Wear to establish all brands and activities. Through the creative proposals and inspiration from all walks of life, let us begin the first step of sustainable fashion. A small step in your and my friendly life is a big step in achieving the earth. ______________________ **Sustained Story Lecture | International Curator Afu - Perpetual Imagination of New York across Borders** Taiwan always has a group of people who act silently and love this land. A Fu, the head of the soda green, was completely idle after the soda green retreat, helping the young orchestras to shine, not only continuing to jump around, but also coordinating a number of activities and projects last year, hoping to bring many dazzling achievements of Taiwan. On the international stage. Twilight was held in 2018 and brought to New York with the team; Twilight Season is a "re-interpretation of contemporary art with the combination of traditional elements and Remake, allowing local culture to challenge the international arena with artistic discourse." **Lecturer introduction|** The soda green band guitarist & head, is the founder of the Huashan station freight yard, and the curator of the Taipei Lantern Festival. In Taipei, the two-year-old parent-child paradise, Das Park, was held in 2018. In 2018, the art team led the Taipei Festival of Lights and changed the structure of the traditional Lantern Festival. In September, the “Wow Taiwan” project was promoted to promote the Taiwanese art team to the New York International Art Hall. From "Huashan Station" to "Wow Taiwan" Afu said that "there are many high-quality orchestras that have lost the stage of performance." They actively help people, things and things around them with a calm attitude. Behind these are countless sweats and blood. What drives Afu to stick to it? What is the perseverance of Afu? Please sign up for this "Permanent Story Hall" to listen to the perpetual story shared by Afford and share your perseverance story with Afford! **Activity schedule** 16:00-16:30 │ Report 16:30-16:40 │ Opening introduction 16:40-17:20 │ "Permanent imagination of cross-border New York" 17:20-18:00 │ Story Wear Founder X Afu talks 18:00-18:30 │ Q&A **Event venue FASHION WEEKEND CAFE** Invited by the Fashion Taipei unit, Story Wear came to the Taipei Fashion Innovation Center for an exhibition plan. The fashion innovation center opened by Ke Wenzhe personally, assembled Taiwan fashion designers, so that fashion designers are no longer out of reach. Founded in 2017, the Fashion Taipei Taipei Fashion Association is organized by fashion, design and art industry professionals. It is the first fashion culture design team established in Taiwan under the name of the capital. The main purpose of the establishment is to link the fashion of the city with the major international capitals Paris, New York, London, Milan, Tokyo, Seoul and other places to promote the international integration and expansion of Taiwan's fashion and fashion industry. [ Fashion Weekend Café | Your own hour light] Taipei's most fashionable café, not only tastes rich and fragrant coffee, but also has hundreds of domestic and foreign fashion, design, visual art magazines. One hour before the course, come to the cafe early! This afternoon, let yourself connect with the world, perhaps let yourself have another deep breathing space, and feel the changes that reading brings to life. ▶ Event Information • Date: 2019/5/11 (six) 16:00–18:00 • Location: Fashion Taipei Taipei Fashion Innovation Center | 1 Yumen Street, Taipei • Transportation: Exit 1 of Yuanshan MRT, walk for 5 minutes. Opposite Taipei Flower Expo