Cat Eye Classic Plate Sunglasses ∣UV400 Sunglasses-Black

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Hepburn-style classic cat-eye plate sunglasses recreate the elegance of the beautiful women of the Belle Epoque. The sunglasses are all anti-UV400 lenses that have passed the national inspection.



Cat Eye Classic Plate Sunglasses ∣UV400 Sunglasses-Black

商品説明 **【Material】** Italy imported high-quality Acetate sheet **【Manufacturing】** Designed by the Taiwan team, produced by world-famous foundries, strictly controlling the quality. The manufacturing method is semi-manual (mechanical cutting, manual grinding). **【Bonus】** Frame limited glasses case High fiber wipe cloth Warranty Card **【Notes on using glasses】** ◎ Please take off the glasses with both hands, it is easy to deform the glasses with one hand. ◎When the glasses are not worn, they are placed in the glasses case for full protection. ◎The glasses should avoid being placed in high temperature or high humidity environment. ◎When there is dirt, please use neutral detergent and clean water to wash, and then use tissue to lightly absorb the water drops. ◎Do not use warm/hot water and any solvent to clean or wipe the frame and lens ◎ Please do not bend, heat or adjust the frame by yourself, if necessary, the frame staff will be happy to serve you. ◎Do not use water or ultrasonic to clean the log frame. **[Warranty Terms]** The frames sold by the frame all have a three-month warranty. Please bring the warranty card when returning to the store for repairs. Frame is not responsible for problems that are not the product itself or damage caused by human factors. The warranty card must be covered with a framed company seal to be valid. Each person's face shape, eye distance, ear position, and even the depth of the face are different. If you choose any pair of glasses without measuring, it will cause difficulties in the use of glasses in the future, such as choosing a width that is too small Frame will easily break. Let’s first understand the important dimensions of the frame: **Total face width**: The total width of the glasses includes the frame. **Bridge width**: The width of the frame on the bridge. **Lens width**: The width of the lens itself without the frame. **Lens high**: the highest point to the lowest point of the lens. **Leg length**: The frame of the lens is not included, the seam of the temple begins to measure to the bottom. Wherein**High lens width**smaller, relatively thinner lens, a high number of lenses are worried that if too thick, the proposed lens is selected from the aspect of smaller models; head circumference greater is recommended selected from**Total wide**Large style with**leg length**. When we open the glasses, there will often be a number on the inside of the temple, for example:**54□18-136** Among them, 54 represents lens width, 18 represents nose bridge width, and 136 represents tripod length in mm. The total face width can be measured by yourself or approximated by the mirror width X 2 + nose bridge width. Therefore, as long as you measure according to the above size instructions, or take out the old glasses that you wear comfortably, plus the tolerance of +/- 3, you can choose the frame size that suits you. The framed glasses will be marked with size instructions, making it easier for you to choose!


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