Brut Cake handmade textiles - Kofu passport holder -1

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Brut Cake

Brut Cake handmade textiles - Kofu passport holder -1


[ brand introduction] Brut Cake is a Taiwanese artist Deng Naixuan (Nicole Teng) in Shanghai creative design brand, covering goods, art, and most importantly, lives. Brut in French, taken from the art style Art Brut (Native Arts), emphasizing original, vigorous rough, with human warmth and emotion; Cake means happiness, sweet. We want to be hands-made works to impress more people, so that the nature of every material can be touched, to be cherished. [Specification] Dimensions: 21 cm long x 14 cm wide Card slots: 3 layers width: 8.5 cm 100% cotton [Function / Design] Kofu pure handmade textiles, washing wear, surface to touch the special earthy texture. In three simple low-key neutral color ancient cloth sewn, whether boys and girls are applicable. Moderate size, easy to take in hand, the boys can be placed pants pocket. Passport holder can be inserted on the right side put the passport Passport Holder left side features include: A large mezzanine - boarding passes can be placed, a small paper map or route information. Three card slots - can be placed on credit cards, airline membership card, subway pass and the like. A small inner pocket - can be incorporated sim card, sim card pin plug, memory card, compact disc with the ear, coins and the like. [Material] Brut Cake fabric merchandise, all with homespun southern China region, which is hand-nerd cloth that at least twenty years of age, every horse is antique fabrics. People gather early natural cotton, after 72 workers continued complicated, handmade textiles, creating an old-fashioned cloth will be some tough and durable and pristine beauty. Brut Cake produce only a few commodities; adhere to the most simple and practical design, so that the beauty of homespun presented directly, no noise, just a straight horizontal lines show a textile restrained beauty. Tubu no longer in production, so when we in the production of goods, especially cherish cloth. Pay attention to the nature of the material, people touch to the original texture, Brut Cake is the most in thing. The hand brushed ancient fabric surface, you can certainly feel the careful hand earthy touch and a special atmosphere, which is the normal cloth material can not have. [ other instructions] 1. Every one will not repeat the cloth, cloth width is very small, so all the colors are all limited to a very small amount of money, please do not hesitate to see the favorite. There are small handmade textiles thread Wiring is not defective, the recipient can not do some of the goods purchased on the 2.. 3. Washing aspect, this product because it is lined cardboard stiff, soaked in water cleaning is not recommended, please brush scrub brush dampened in a mild detergent, then wipe with a damp cloth. . 4. There are a few old homespun signs of aging, but the fabric is still pretty tough for us to cherish the interception of partially used materials, but also hope to give you recognition. 5. The color of each computer screen displays are different from the actual color of the main, if not accept the color slight error in the main, do not buy. Origin / manufacturing methods Shanghai, China


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