[2018 graduation bouquet] Hanou retro / graduate / dry bouquet

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Pure flowers are accompanied by a light milk tea packaging. You are the company's fashionable Eurocon.



[2018 graduation bouquet] Hanou retro / graduate / dry bouquet


The pure color suits the positive Han packaging design, wishes you fresh, and becomes a clean stream in the society. Bless you, learning is endless. ☆Size: about 30*50 cm (Hand error range ±5) ☆ Attachment of dried flowers/Eternal flowers ☆ This product only flowers, does not contain photo props ☆ No withering materials | 100% imported from Japan ☆ Dry flower materials | 90% foreign imports 10% for Taiwan production ☆ Handmade Origin - Taiwan ☆ manufacturing process - full manual Xuwai County provides black cat delivery (Freight) Taichung Railway Station (New Times Department Store) can meet ▽ No physical store (in preparation) ▾ ∣ ∣ ∣ ∣ ∣ 花花∣ ∣ ∣ ∣ ∣ ∣ ∣ ∣ ∣ ∣ ∣ ∣ ∣ ∣ ∣ ∣ ∣ ∣ ∣ ∣ Preservation of flowers Best viewing time: 1-3 years ♪ Please put it in a ventilated and dry place, avoid moisture and do not need watering. ♪ Flower materials are all natural materials. Please reduce the direct sunlight and maintain a longer color. ♪ Please stand still and avoid touching, moving, and shaking at all times to reduce the damage and fall of flowers. ♪ If it is contaminated with dust, gently remove it with a soft brush or blower. 照顾 Good care can be maintained for several years, but natural fade and weathering become normal over time. ♪ There are no problems with fragrance and pollen allergies. Even busy office workers can take care of them easily. The flowers are made of specially treated flowers, each of which is unique, different sizes, colors, and textures are produced in batches and are all unique. The color is slightly different due to the screen display. ☑️ Photographs are all previous works. Handmade will not be 100% identical. ☑️ Because flower materials are all natural materials, sometimes the flowers and fruits will fall slightly, but this is not a commodity defect and cannot be returned or exchanged. Thank you in advance for your understanding. There is still a shelf life for dried flowers and not withered flowers. It is not permanent. After a long period of time, the environment, temperature, and humidity will affect the flowers. The flower materials will still have aging. In the event of a shortage of flowers, please let JY.florist use the right material for you from a professional perspective. ✏Send Note: Flowers are fragile for natural materials. In the process of sending them, there will inevitably be collisions, and they will be properly packaged. However, there will still be a slight drop. It is a normal phenomenon and is not a commodity defect (cannot be returned or exchanged. reason). Recipients please order again; thank you in advance for your understanding! 😘 If you do not want to use the distribution of the work caused by the unhappy, so Taichung City can face! Welcome letter to ask! ✏ Product Remarks ↪ Works are marked with approximate dimensions. Do not use your own imagination. The entire museum's works are handmade and measured. It is inevitable that there will be some errors. Please forgive me. I hope you can confirm the size of your work again before you order it! The above instructions should be confirmed before buying to ensure your own rights and interests. If you can not accept, please do not reluctantly order, thank you! Note-JY.florist is a one-person studio. If there are any problems with the merchandise, welcome to discuss and communicate with each other. Let the artwork be handed to you and have a pleasant and beautiful transaction process. If you like JY's works, please receive 5 stars after receiving it! 😳 A wonderful and wonderful act - to make flowers shine, to show the short-lived preciousness of a good life - to let dried flowers pass the time of baptism, and to stay in good times for life - to seal the inexorable life, to show a delicate gesture - life's Blooming, paying tribute to the creator We love, because he first loved us. 1John 4:19 # Hand-made Course # Taichung Florist # Taichung Drying # Taichung Flower # Taichung Eternal Flower # Birthday Gift # Wreath # Gift # Arrangement # Drying Flower Course # Wedding # Bouquet # Healing # jyflorist # 꽃 # 꽃다발 # Hands-on Course # Fragrant Brick # Taichung Flower Shop


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