Royal Dalton 1815 Constant mining series 22cm deep plate two colors optional

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The 1815 Constant Collection series is not only to commemorate the establishment of Royal Doulton by John Doulton in 1815, but also inspired by the traditions of London. Through simple styles, handicrafts and simple and colorful colors, you will always mai



Royal Dalton 1815 Constant mining series 22cm deep plate two colors optional


**Bold life is happy to share loyalty to self** The 1815 series is designed for today's food culture, drawing inspiration from the Royal Doulton tradition. 1815 was also the year that John Doulton founded Royal Doulton and began to focus on the true look and feel of traditional ceramics. Bringing the essence of the past to the present with fashion items, hand-drawn bad shapes and vibrant colored glazes, lighting up every day. Sharing food with friends and family for pure fun is the original intention of 1815. Exile is boring and brings boldness. Let the colorful variety of food be the protagonists on the table, and invite the whole family to create colorful dishes for everyone to share. **Instructions for use** 1. Before using for the first time, clean the inside and outside of the utensil with a neutral detergent before using. 2. This product is not suitable for heating with an oven or direct fire. Do not directly contact or close to the source of fire and heat (such as various types of stoves such as gas stoves) to avoid product damage. 3. It is strictly forbidden to use the microwave directly to refrigerate the microwave oven, etc. to avoid danger or product damage. 4. This product is suitable for microwave ovens. To avoid burns, use heat-insulated tools when the product is microwaved or served hot. **Cleaning method** 1. This product is suitable for dishwasher washing. When using in a dishwasher, be careful not to bump it. 2. Use sponge or cotton cloth to clean the product. Use neutral detergent to clean. Do not use strong acid or alkali detergent to clean. Do not scrub with iron brushes or hard tools to prevent scratches on the ceramic surface. 3. This product needs to be cooled down before cleaning to avoid damage to the product or burns. 4. In case of severe sticking of ingredients, please soak in warm water and then wash with neutral detergent and sponge. **storage method** 1. Please clean it thoroughly after each use, and dry it before storing. 2. When storing dishes, it is recommended to separate the dishes with paper towels to avoid scratching the colored glaze. Although the surface of the dishes is very hard, the front of the dishes may be cut by the back of the upper bowl when stacked. 3. Do not hang or stack tea cups to avoid hurting the handle. 4. This product is fragile. Please keep away from the table when storing, and keep it out of reach of children. **Precautions** 1. This product is a handmade product. The cup and plate are not 100% round, and the capacity and size are within 3%. 2. Each piece of 1815 is hand-dipped in glaze at a 45-degree angle. The angle and edge of the glaze are unique. Different dyeing ranges or angles are normal and not a product defect. 3. This product is made of natural materials. There will be small pores or spots on the surface during the firing process, and the color and size are slightly different, which are normal phenomena. 4. This product is fragile, please keep it away from children, keep it away from the table and do not stack it with heavy objects. 5. Scratches under normal use or abnormal use or deliberate damage that are not in accordance with the instructions, resulting in imperfections or scratches on the appearance, which are not covered by the warranty. At the moment of receiving the product, if you have any doubts about the appearance or quality of the product, please respond directly. After leaving the cabinet or after using the product, if the product is not judged to be defective by the original factory, it cannot be returned. 6. When you receive the product, if you have any defects such as damage, or have any doubts about the product, please directly report to the personnel. Products that have been used must not be returned or exchanged unless they are judged to be of abnormal quality by the original factory.


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