Fantasy cosmic [Magic Star Series] Handmade Cosmic Landscape Glass Pendant Necklace H11

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I made it into a three-dimensional cosmic landscape, miniature into heat-resistant glass, each one The three-dimensional nebula pattern in the pendant is a technique called fuming All the colors in the pendant are achieved by the coloring of pure gold and


Fantasy cosmic [Magic Star Series] Handmade Cosmic Landscape Glass Pendant Necklace H11


This is the work I made with my heart. This is handmade by high temperature flame, it has only one, so it has unique style. The style will not be repeated, this pendant is one of the dream series, He can bring you dreamy visual effects. -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- Pendant specifications The diameter is about 20mm Thickness is about: 19mm Pendant hook hole diameter: 3mm The length of the pendant rope is approximately 18 inches and the thickness is 2 mm. The length can be adjusted with a single bead. -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- ※Introduction to production instructions ※ The color nebula effect in the pendant, without the use of any stained glass, Instead, it is colored in sterling silver and pure gold. This technique is used for fuming by experimenting with gold and silver staining and using colored glass. Using gold and silver will have more fascinating and natural color effects through different angles Angle viewing will also have different color effects, and using colored glass as the internal pattern will not have this feature. Then, through special techniques, it is formed into a rich nebula pattern, and then slowly cooled in a special electric kiln. In order to control the color and design the complex nebula pattern, I used 619 days. The average of 4 hours of practice per day has failed countless times to reach the current level. Only by precisely controlling the color can the design level be achieved. It is really difficult to do it well. -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- ※Materials※ Tool for special torch 1: heat resistant glass 2: sterling silver, pure gold 3: High temperature resistant artificial opal 4: Little stars, pure silver particles -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- ※Parts List※ 1: The pendant rope is the jewellery rope of the Italian SKY brand. It can be cleaned without fading, soft and textured, and comfortable to wear. 2: Cards and instructions. 3: A dedicated jewelry box. -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- ※Features ※ 1: heat-resistant glass (borosilicate hydrochloric acid), which has the characteristics of light weight and high hardness. In the normal wearing place, there will be no scratches, so do not use it carefully. 2: coloring with pure silver and pure gold, this technique is fuming by experimenting with gold and silver coloring and using colored glass Using gold and silver will have more glamorous and richer color effects, through different The light and the different angles will also change in different colors (the color of the pure blue pendant does not change significantly), and the use of colored glass as the internal pattern will not have this characteristic. 3: The planet in the pendant is artificial opal, most pendants use 3 different colors of opal opal, black opal, white opal, crystal opal, Its color changes with light and angle, this feature is very beautiful 4: Look at it in dark places, and the viewing will not be very good. It is better to watch the experience under sunny outdoor daylight or table lamp, and daylight is the best. Points to note: 1: In addition to the cropping of the pendant, I just selected the appropriate light to shoot it, but different display devices will see the color difference. 2: The pendant body is very strong, please don't worry. However, the hook may be damaged due to falling. If it is damaged, please contact me, I will provide free repair service. But the buyer needs to bear the freight. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask, I will reply 😊


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