Western antique jewelry. MONET Metal Pearl Ring Pin

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We sell old Western antique accessories, not new products, the photos are taken in kind, the condition is as shown in the picture, please do not look at the standards of new products. The old jewelry we received are all jewelry styles that were popular in


Western antique jewelry. MONET Metal Pearl Ring Pin


**◆ Product description ◆** Status OK ●**Mark: MONET** ●**Around 1980's** ●**Commodity source: United States** ●**Size: 5 x 4 (cm)** ●**Material: Alloy plating + imitation pearl + rhinestone** **● Please read clearly the size and condition of the product description, and consider whether the size is appropriate. Do not see the photos of the United States and order impulsively, thank you for your cooperation** **[Pin objects are not tried on, please be sure to read the description of "commodity size" before making judgments; pins are widely used, not only for clothes and jackets, necklines, belts, shoes, bags, headwear, but also foreign hands As an amateur, there is also a "jewelry painting" that specializes in making antique collage pins with unique shapes. It is very expensive and very special.]** **● If you choose old jewelry as a gift, please judge whether the other party accepts such old objects?** **Some slight flaws, some slight traces of use ... These are all possible situations. If your gift recipient is unacceptable, please go to the pinkoi platform to buy other brand new products as gifts.** "**purchase Notes**" __◆**Packaging material in the corner of old times**◆__ All old jewelry purchased online, mailed, and sent by courier will be properly packed in the old corner. To avoid pressure, drop, bump, wet (rain), etc. during the transportation, we will use a cardboard box + a thin waterproof plastic sleeve to cover it + bubble paper before sending it out. __◆**Notes for First Time Buyers of Vintage Jewelry**◆__ ■ The antique ornaments we sell are "not brand new". They were mostly produced in the 1940s to 1970s. They are all over 10 years old, so there are certain traces of time and a sense of age → it is old! ■**Do not look at the brand-new product standard**; Many old jewelry photos we sell can be counted. The detailed photos and detailed descriptions of the products are the steps that you will confirm before buying, so we do not accept the purchase Returns due to personal cognitive differences. ■ 《The screen will have color difference! 》 This is one of the risks to online shopping. If you ca n’t accept this slight difference, it means that you are not suitable to buy goods on the online platform. ■ The merchandise delivery process is damaged due to force majeure. If there is an absolute difference between the received merchandise and the original merchandise photo (such as the merchandise is broken), a refund can be submitted; if the merchandise is received, it is not suitable for the "look like", color difference, size. .. and non-refundable issues such as damage caused by the shipping process. __◆**Maintenance of old jewelry**◆__ ■ Please do not put all kinds of jewelry with different material properties in the same drawer or jewelry box, because the hardness of the materials of the jewelry are different, which will cause friction and wear and scratch. ■ For sports, housework, etc., please remove your accessories to avoid damage from external impact. ■ Try not to touch sweat, rain, seawater, perfume, and cosmetics, and don't take jewelry to bathe. ■ The climate in Taiwan is humid. If you do not wear it for a long time, wipe the old jewelry with a dry cloth → put it in a sealed bag to avoid contact with the air. ■ Necklace items should be stored separately from the chain. The "drop" can be placed in a small sealed bag → the outside together with the chain can be stored in a large sealed bag.


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