[Limited] India handmade cosmetic bag moisturizing travel group

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★Traveling lightly and well maintained! Rong Dhonu Social Enterprise India Handmade Cosmetic Bag X1, Serum 3mlX3, Gel Cream/Night Cream 2.5gX3, Organic Rose Lotion Spray 20mlX1


[Limited] India handmade cosmetic bag moisturizing travel group


[Limited amount] Essential Bird's Nest X Social Enterprise Rong Dhonu India Handmade Bag Moisturizing Travel Group https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7801/40393106663_2a0efabd58_b.jpg **There are 4 kinds of content (true value):** **1 "Essence Bird's Nest Firming and Whitening Serum 3ml" 3 bottles** https://www.pinkoi.com/product/uVZ8giVK **2 "Essence Bird's Nest Lighthouse Jellyfish Collagen Gel Cream/Night Cream 2.5g" 3 bottles** https://www.pinkoi.com/product/6GPBvBhi **3 "Essence Bird's Nest Organic Rose Moisturizing Spray 20ml" 1 bottle** https://www.pinkoi.com/product/PB4BGyqp The above content can be used for about 6 days or 1 week (The mask and nourishing oil in the photo are sold out) **4 "Rong Dhonu Social Enterprise" India Handmade Cosmetic Bag" 1 pc** Indian handmade cosmetic bags: Made by Indian rural women coached by "Rong Dhonu Social Enterprise" using the beautiful Indian sari cloth (factory surplus cloth), each bag is hand-sewn, and the colors are unforgettable. Please see the picture to select the code name. If the sale is exhausted, it means that this batch is no longer available! (Waiting for the next batch~) Size: length 13cm, width 6.5cm, height 6cm **Maintenance program** • The first night of the trip First apply a piece of**"Essence Bird's Nest Lighthouse Jellyfish Mask"**, take a beautiful photo the next day • During the day: Face wash → lotion → essence • In the evening: Wash your face → lotion → essence → gel/night cream → sleep beauty without washing -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------- **[Caring the world with you]** The original intention of our brand management is to do our best to help disadvantaged groups and care about women's issues at the same time. When I become beautiful, I also want to help more women who want to change. "Rong Dhonu Social Enterprise" is dedicated to teaching poor rural women in India to develop skills and provide employment opportunities. Using the beautiful Indian sari cloth (factory surplus cloth), make practical and warm bags for sale, so that they can affirm their self-worth and be financially independent, and also enable children to receive education, light up their lives, and change themselves With the next generation. In order to support fair trade, we cooperated with Rong Dhonu to purchase cosmetic bags and product matching sales. We look forward to passing on the value and hope of women's efforts to Taiwan, and the bag cost will be paid to the unit in full. I hope that after you buy it, you can also show such a touch to your friends. Let us care about the world together, and be grateful to cherish everything we have. Although we are weak now, as long as we can do a little bit, we believe that we can help a little bit and accumulate more. We look forward to greater strength and more assistance in the future. *(Rong Dhonu in Bengali means "Rainbow". Rong Dhonu is located in a rural village in the southern part of Kakata, India. The unit hopes to help local women become self-reliant and improve their lives by teaching sewing techniques.)* https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7803/32490890787_d6e68649cd_b.jpg (Photo from Rong Dhonu Fan Club) https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7873/47358616391_38194fa660_b.jpg **[Bird's Nest Skin Care] ~ Bird's Nest Skin Care with a resume~** • Strictly select highly concentrated bird's nest essence imported from Japan, extracted by professional technology, and inspected by the original factory. • The only skin care product on the market**"Bird's Nest Essence (Imported from Japan) + Lighthouse Jellyfish Collagen (from France)"**. • Combined with an effective moisturizing formula, it is easier to be absorbed by the skin, leaving the skin soft and supple. • Insist on no added alcohol, coloring, flavor, carefully selected raw materials, gentle and safe use. • We give the skin the most true care and nourishment, so that you can have the happiness of natural beautiful skin. **Selected as a new featured brand of "Chinese Self-Media Association" and "Taiwan's Best Tastes"** * Made in Taiwan, German ISO22716 / Cosmetic GMP international certification * High-concentration bird's nest essence Japanese factory inspection report * Passed SGS 4 major heavy metals, no fluorescent agent, and sterile inspection * Insured product liability insurance


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