Lifetime warranty protection iPhone 7/8 2.5D non-full version series

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Lifetime warranty protection iPhone 7/8 2.5D non-full version series

商品説明 A limited edition of the monthly gift ❤ You can use the volume to go to the province to match the market to make a film ⭐ Buy now and add the original price of 490 / German TPU raw material air pressure shell Applying for a sticker is super easy! As long as the private news fan special page is small and provides a phone call for warranty registration, and a damaged photo, or purchase a new mobile phone receipt, or repair order, you can apply! 退 Return instructions Within seven days after receipt of the product, if the product condition is well preserved and not used, and does not affect the second sale, if it is not satisfied, it can apply for return and exchange with the original factory. To apply for a return, please send a private message to the "Private Life" fan page, and someone will handle it for you during business hours. After unpacking, please be sure to check the condition of the product and read the warranty terms. Once you use it or log on to the warranty, you can not return it for any reason. In order to ensure your own warranty, please log in to the warranty within 14 days after receiving the product, with the receipt of the manifest or proof of purchase or the "My Account" order information. ░░ Warranty clause ◆ The warranty object of this product is limited to the warranty card of the warranty login user who agrees to abide by these terms, and the transfer is invalid. ◆ Each person can only apply for one warranty. The warranty period is limited to one mobile phone within the same period. It is not allowed to apply repeatedly. It is not allowed to apply for a warranty status in the name of another person. If the user subsequently upgrades and replaces the new machine warranty, the subsequent supply of the company's protection stickers shall be subject to the new machine. The protection of the old machine shall not be required to be replaced for any reason. Otherwise, the company has the right to terminate its security interest and join. blacklist. ◆ If you need to apply for a new warranty replacement on behalf of others, you need to confirm the warranty status before you can apply. ◆ Please be sure to log in online with your invoice within 14 days after purchase. ◆ From the effective date of the warranty, during the period of normal use of the mobile phone, the warranty is damaged, the replacement of the machine and other circumstances occur when there is a replacement demand, the user can send a private message to the FB fan page "Private Life" with relevant proof to the online customer service Application. After the audit, the company will arrange to replace the new product, the user only needs to spend 120 yuan for the logistics processing fee. ◆ Customers who purchase the 3D series of warranty life from January 1, 2017, in addition to the original gold logistics processing fee, need to add a 10% material fee subsidy, regardless of the purchase. For 2.5D and 3D series, the replacement product is 2.5D protection sticker and it is free to increase the price. ◆ When recommending others to purchase the sticker life protection stickers (limited edition warranty products) and the purchaser login information is complete, the company will give the recommender a discount of 120 yuan, which can be carried out in the future when the private message is changed. Consumption discount, or discounted gold logistics processing costs. The referee's discount is limited to my use and is not transferable. ◆ The company reserves the right not to replace the bubbles caused by the surface tolerance of the personal mobile phone. ◆ The warranty replacement of the company is not limited to the normal number of times, but in order to take into account the overall service quality and sustainable operation, the total number of times has been changed more than five times. Since the sixth time, the company will charge a handling fee of 100 yuan each time. . ◆ Replacement within the warranty is limited to the existing protection of the same price (including) of the brand, and does not contain any other accessories. The price is subject to the official pricing. ◆ In order to maintain the rights and interests of our customer service staff, as well as the quality of customer service, the company's warranty terms, service procedures or personnel have excessive dissent and abnormal warranty records, the company reserves the unilateral termination of its security interests. Power and add it to the company's blacklist. ◆ In order to maintain the majority of user rights and maintain overall service quality and processing efficiency, the company will not provide follow-up warranty services for users who are blacklisted by the company. ◆ Before filming, please make good use of the cleaning group to clean the screen of the mobile phone. Keep the adhesive surface clean and free of dust before use. If the dust is caused by personal operation, the problem is caused by improper operation or the operation is broken. The company will not bear any responsibility for this. ◆ Consumables that are one-time use based on the properties of this product. They must not be returned after use. Please check before use. If you have any doubts about quality, so that you have the product return and exchange requirements, please do not use this product, and within 7 days after receiving the goods, the private message will be posted on the life fan page, and will be handled by the customer service staff. If it is overdue, it will not be accepted. ◆ Even if the same model, each mobile phone has tolerances, the film small helper may not be able to achieve perfect precision alignment, the accessory is only a gift accessory, if it can not meet the demand, it is recommended to manually correct the processing. ◆ The above terms and conditions, the company reserves all rights to explain and amend. If there is any change, the official platform announcement will be the main one.


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