Original custom illustration cartoon character portrait illustration couple pet family portrait Valentine's Day Christmas gift

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Custom hand-painted character portraits couple pets wedding anniversary family portrait



Original custom illustration cartoon character portrait illustration couple pet family portrait Valentine's Day Christmas gift


*Purchase process Please "contact the designer" to send the photo first → Communicate and discuss drawing content and valuation → Place an order → finalize the draft → send out *About modification No drafts will be issued during the order. After the drafts are completed, you can adjust the background color and fine-tune the expressions of the characters Do not accept major changes such as character movement or character placement Before finishing the draft, the designer will pass his own level first. Please check the previous works carefully and confirm that you like it before placing the order *Product content Painted material: hand-drawn line draft + computer finished draft Product content: 1500*1500px jpg format electronic file 1125*2436px (screen saver) jpg format electronic draft *How to place an order Please place an order according to the number of people drawn For example: draw 3 people, please choose 2~9 people, fill in 3 Can draw pets, the pricing method is the same as that of characters EX: Draw 1 person + 1 dog + 1 cat, please choose 2-9 persons option, fill in 3 If you have special needs, please discuss and the designer will guide you to place an order. Need to add drawing objects such as background buildings, design background Please send photos and discuss with the designer and estimate the cost separately *Draw content 1 Draw according to the photos provided. The drawing features are mainly full-body styling, movements, hairstyles, body accessories, with movements or commemorative styling 2 Full body or half body, background color and simple text can be added, no additional price 3 The eye drawing method is all peasy eyes. If you need to look alike, maybe my style of painting is not suitable *How to choose photos -The photo needs to be clear, full body or half body, 1 is the main picture. Basically, the designer draws the picture on the side of the picture, and the picture of multiple people can be provided separately, and then put together on the same picture for you. *The following content may increase a reasonable drawing fee of about 30 RMB Can evaluate the cost after communicating with the designer -Fusion of multiple photos, such as modifying character movements -Clothing patterns and accessories are more complicated -No specific action provided, the designer needs to assist in the design idea -Draw accessories such as locomotives, cars, statues, dolls... etc. -Urgent -In addition to simple text, other background layouts need to be designed *Other matters needing attention 1 The product is an electronic manuscript, there is no entity at the moment 2 It is not a realistic style. As long as you create an atmosphere and overall shape, if you care about the realism of the five senses, you may not be able to achieve it, please confirm that you like this style before placing an order 3 Customized products cannot be returned 4 If you don’t want to show the work, you can communicate with the designer in advance *about the price 1 person RMB 120 2~9 people RMB 90 per person More than 10 RMB 85 per person


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