AFTER WORK Black and Orange Demon Girl

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AFTERWORK introduction: Think about traditional American style or old pictures from the war period, Taking the classic pixels of the past in different ways and appearances, Use it on socks, hoping to use our own way, Let the classics of the good old age continue!



AFTER WORK Black and Orange Demon Girl


●Five-color version of exquisite electric embroidery ●Thread reinforcement is not easy to loosen ●Choose combed cotton ●Comfortable. Absorb sweat and not easy to smell ●The towel thick bottom is suitable for exercise or long standing - The 290 yuan socks can be combined with other socks at the same price in the store. You can choose two pairs of 290 socks and 590 includes shipping~ - SIZE: 22-28CM can be worn - Remarks: The socks are knitted like sweaters, so when the machine is knitting at the bottom of the socks, the machine cannot be completely flat and sometimes there will be threads. This is normal. Just cut it off. The socks are made of cotton and elastic fibers, so sometimes the size or length of the two socks are different due to the elasticity. This is a normal phenomenon. Usually, it will recover after pulling or passing through. 1. Defective products are defined as serious damage, damage, large areas of soiling, serious disconnection, large holes, etc. that seriously affect the user of the product. 2. In particular, please forgive me, the size error of 2cm, the color difference of the screen, the exposed thread, etc. are all within the acceptable range in the international inspection standards, and are not defective products. Therefore, products that are different from expectations, color difference, falling off after launching, fading, staining, small stains, slight off-line hooks, buying the wrong color, or other personal factors, will not be treated as defective products. 3. Since the identification of defective products requires professional judgment, we will ask you to take photos of the defective parts and send them back to facilitate subsequent review and confirmation. You also need your patience and cooperation. Any inconvenience caused is definitely not our intention. 4. Cotton is a staple fiber material, there will be a normal situation of cotton lint and fluffing. After several washings, the situation of cotton lint will gradually improve, please rest assured. For more details on wearing photos, please search IG🔍:


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