Backpack blue minimalist function after ZIRCON

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Backpack blue minimalist function after ZIRCON


ZIRCON function after minimalist backpack Weight: 435g (white section 418g) Size: 21 liters Material: XPAC VX21 (white section of VX07) Lightweight backpacks minimalist function models, using top-spec materials, lightweight package less than 450g of body and outsourcing edge design to improve the waterproof performance, one-piece foam soft shell package at any time to maintain the body stiffness, while scalable laptop dissection, and more function storage sandwich accessories, providing quickly adapt to urban and outdoor environments to improve performance. • Use XPAC main fabric top cloth, understated lines diamond shape, lightweight, well connected, wear and tear, and both highly waterproof function • inclusion of external use YKK waterproof zippers, waterproof specification to enhance the overall • discounts stereoscopic space in front pockets, effectively accommodating a variety of small objects • soft shell around a bubble formula, increasing the package body stiffness and shock-absorbing cushion • Full Wrap mining outsourcing edge sewing production, reducing the probability of increased water seepage stitching function • Internal scalable design that can match laptop mezzanine, Multifunctional Storage Mezzanine use (two accessories can be used simultaneously) Zircon backpack for the urban outdoor concept to create the minimalist package, using high specification XPAC fabrics, all external edging sewing process, one-piece shell wrapped around the soft foam, expandable main bag, to lightweight, waterproof and multi-function to from the city to meet the needs of a variety of outdoor environments. A front and rear soft shell blister package design, even if nothing is still able to maintain installed package body shape, while also having the function of a buffer shock contents. No trace of excess cleanly appearance, with all kinds of clothes are suitable. DISCOUNTS front pocket design three-dimensional space, there are two small sandwich at a junior, can properly classified and ready to pick up small objects storage. Main bag large space for placing large volumes of goods, two strap can be fixed back design documents, also can expand demand by personal laptop mezzanine, mezzanine Multifunctional Storage achieve performance storage and classification. Sandwich with laptop use, can effectively protect laptops effect, the maximum storage size of about 15 inches. Also laptop mezzanine front with a Velcro may be further with Multifunctional Storage Mezzanine use. More debris can choose to expand demand for multi-functional sandwich, cards, documents, keys, all caught. water-proof test ZIRCON backpack actual bear: Dress real ride: Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan