[Green Landscape _ Lake Bottom] Large Fruit Rosewood Ring

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Using a combination of wood and resin, it presents a multi-faceted micro-view in a limited ring space. The wood type of the ring and the resin color ring can be customized and discussed. Rings can also be ordered.


[Green Landscape _ Lake Bottom] Large Fruit Rosewood Ring


[Green Landscape _ Lake bottom] large fruit rosewood ring (can be customized) The bottom of the lake is unknown, and the color there is unknown until it has entered the lake. Content: One ring, one wooden box, one beeswax. The small number before the order: * Because they are all hand-made after ordering, the product takes about 7-14 days to make, and the delivery time of 3 days. If there are friends on the designated day, please evaluate the consideration and then place an order! * Adhere to the spirit of hand-made, each ring is hand-shaped and polished, non-opening goods, hope to pass the temperature that can not be replaced by hand. Therefore, the shape of the ring and the internal pattern are different. * Wood can breathe through tiny pores, and it will change color and texture with time of contact with sunlight and air. The color of the product may also vary due to the slight color difference of the computer. The actual items received will prevail. Please accept the orders from friends who can accept it! * Wood rings don't mind taking the index finger. Because the meat will bulge when the index finger is bent, in addition to being uncomfortable, the wood ring has the texture of its own growth. If the direction of the force applied is perpendicular to the growth pattern, it is easy to let the wood ring crack, if it is really necessary to bring Wearing the index finger, it is recommended to wear a size that does not feel tight when the index finger is bent (larger size). Material: large fruit rosewood (Burmese rosewood) + epoxy resin + natural wood oil * Wood type and resin color can be customized and discussed. * Wood type selection can refer to the following: https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7802/32424792287_ba0bf04e2a_h.jpg Size: can be customized. * About the measurement method of the ring circumference: You can measure the circumference of the root of the finger by means of a cloth ruler. You can also use a ruler to measure the diameter with your old ring. * Size comparison: International size. https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7915/33472921668_d38a21ed2b_b.jpg About the maintenance of works: * When storing your work, it is recommended to keep it in a cool place to avoid moisture or sun exposure. Please also remove the work when bathing or when you need to touch the water. * For the surface of the wood, please use the beeswax attached to the surface and apply it evenly on the wooden surface. It is recommended to maintain it once or twice a week, or before and after each wear. When the beeswax is used up, it can be purchased at a general wood product store or replaced with Vaseline. * The surface of the resin can be wiped clean with a clean cotton cloth.


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