Xue delicate child "Mom! I would like to live in military dependents' books illustrator original Red Door series 1-3

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Xue delicate child "Mom! I would like to live in military dependents' books illustrator original Red Door series 1-3


▍ Mom! I would like to live in military dependents series of paintings illustrate ▍ Illustrator Xue delicate children as "Mom! I want to live in the military community," a book original illustration drawn Fengshan Whampoa is Taiwan's first-generation military community building, the Japanese left the dormitory, and later after the Nationalist government troops dependents occupancy households, household demand for Rehabilitation several times, leaving the special shape of Sino-Japanese fusion. As residents of immigrants from diverse gourmet cuisine, lifestyle, living taste, this also presents a microcosm of the times. Xue delicate children grow up in Fengshan, this time due to draw Whampoa illustrator and several visits this still unfamiliar to her settlement, red door to the pen record the unique flavor, flower window Tile, food and military dependents living fragments. To the artist's vision and strokes, and reproduction of the story of military dependents figure. 2016 works Mediums: watercolor Size: 10 x 14.5 cm Price: 1500 yuan / web (attachment frame) - ▍ Xue delicate children Joy Syue ▍ Due to bird lovers and love to sing and delicate child named Xue, now illustrator for free. Living in Fengshan in Kaohsiung, Penghu are all parents who, every year back home in Penghu, absorbing the local scenery and living condition of the people, is an important source of nutrients creation. Specializes in hand-painted creations, works of common birds, compared to adults. Daibiaorenwu two hat picture often appears, were yellow and red bud painter cap Freely cap Fly, live in the picture, describing inner feelings and fantasy mood presentation. Warm colorful color pen works like hidden among the small details on the screen, using pictures to tell a story. Exhibition │ │ ── 2014 7 / 18-8 / 31 "bake egg cream head adventures" exhibition in Kaohsiung Fengshan (secret coffee Laiou small businesses can have coffee and apple green bakery horse coffee) October "Carnival of the Animals" Exhibition illustrator Tainan to Yo layoo November 'departure. Toward the dream of flying "solo exhibition of Kaohsiung Cheng Shiu University life light gallery ── 2015 March "small delicate Diary" Penghu chick birds arts space 2 / 11- 4/30 "pumpkin soup Berry Weihua card - baked egg fantasy planet travel" solo exhibition Kaohsiung Dadong Art Library ── 2016 In October, "Mom! I want to live in the military community," Xue delicate children illustration original solo exhibition in Kaohsiung triplex bookstore [November shores to live in this city - Fengshan Treasure porridge creative cluster Exhibition of Kaohsiung Pier - 2 ──2017 In February of Love Men gaze] window illustration exhibition Kaohsiung Tobi. Kite / studio for rent / arts space Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan


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