Greasy Day Cream SPF 30 Moisturizing Lotion 30ml

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Zero toxin, no recognized easy to block ingredients Keep a bottle of fresh oil during the day. Pure zinc oxide physical sunscreen, sensitive weak acne skin Really rigorous naked natural ingredients, more "out of the natural"


Greasy Day Cream SPF 30 Moisturizing Lotion 30ml


|Small batches of self-made de novo production is not just the source of natural top healing | Beyond the high-blocking formula of sunscreen, sunscreen and moisturizing combo products, this high-activity moisturizing lotion has a wide-band natural sunscreen effect. Even the acne, adult acne blocking skin and sensitive muscles have the ability to restore the skin. Beauty; does not block non-greasy formula, discards the chemical sunscreen ingredients that mimic the estrogen and causes acne, creating a top-quality product with high-activity herbal extracts and high linoleic acid vegetable oils. Contains no petrochemical emulsifiers, petrochemical by-products and any fillers, no clogging and sensitization. The bottle is filled with fresh phytonutrients that are rare in the industry and have been proven to repair and firm the skin, renew cells and delay aging. The texture is rich but light, and it is dry and not sticky after application. It contains precious nicotine amide that repairs the stratum corneum, so that the emulsion is no longer a routine maintenance. The nicotinamide (vitamin B3) in the formula is extracted from the whole plant, the fennel, chamomile, non- The factory combines raw materials; in addition, a large amount of dandelion, rosemary and peppermint are rich in stable vitamin C, which is effective against old age. Unlike the common phenomenon of physical sunscreen, but mixed with chemical sunscreen ingredients, "Rough Day Cream" "only" selects high quality uncoated, non-nano high micron 12% zinc oxide, zinc oxide Scientific research confirms that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Union recognize that it has broadband sunscreen effect and is the only natural sunscreen ingredient that can resist UVA and UVB. The rare uncoated zinc oxide in the industry is a strict screening of materials, meaning that no chemical is coated on zinc oxide, the process becomes more difficult and the tester's specialty is tested, but the advantage is that there is no chemical. Residue, high purity and clean formula. Many of the SPF sunscreen products are marked to fight UVB only, and the murderer is ubiquitous, and the aging murderer, UVA, is at a loss. Many experts even suggest that acne muscles also accelerate the repair of zinc oxide at night, plus it can disinfect, converge and absorb moisture, which is helpful for a variety of dermatitis problems. Especially the anxious eczema, zinc oxide is not a boon. This product and the "Pure Refining Day Cream SPF 30" are tested by the US Food and Drug Administration approved California qualified laboratory, confirming the SPF 30 and broadband sun protection. ________________________________________________________________ Josh Rosebrook's three major brands insist that you feel at ease with the experience of top healing: First, the natural anti-corrosion mechanism (because of product water, organic aloe vera and vegetable oil, it must be effective anti-corrosion mechanism): only use potassium sorbate which can be easily metabolized and biodegraded by human body, plus the moisture in the product contains organic plant vitamins and anti-drug Oxide, which strongly inhibits product deterioration and extends the service life. This is the most effective, non-toxic and extensive anti-corrosion mechanism to ensure product safety and quality. Second, without any animal experiments. Third, no controversial ingredients: Some ingredients have not been banned, but have been proven harmful to the human body, including sulfate, Paraben, synthetic flavors, artificial colors, sputum, petrochemicals and genetically modified crops, etc., Josh Rosebrook refused to go out . _______________________________________________________________ 【Instructions】: For best results and complete protection, it is recommended to moisturize the skin with "Oenothery Seabuckthorn Water Dew" and then pat the product on the face and neck with 3-4. Every two hours and after sweating, it can be used to achieve the most perfect effect. After sweating, avoid rubbing or touching the face, so as not to accidentally erase the product. Suitable for all skin types (oily acne muscle is also suitable). [Storage period]: 18 months. Please use it as soon as possible after opening. [Capacity]: 30ml _______________________________________________________________ [All components]: Active Ingredient: 12% Non Nano, Uncoated, Micronized Zinc Oxide *Aloe Vera Leaf Juice,*Shea Butter,*Evening Primrose Oil,*Hemp Seed Oil,*Jojoba Oil,*Borage Seed Oil,*Almond Oil,*Grape Seed Oil,*Sesame Oil,*Avocado Oil,*Olive Oil,*Sea Buckthorn Oil,*Broccoli Oil,*Calendula,*Bilberry,*Chamomile,*Burdock,*Rosemary,*Fennel,*Dandelion,*Rose Hips,*Catnip,*Chickweed,*Neem,*Skullcap,*Ginkgo Leaf,*Linden Flower,*Hawthorn Berry,*Green Tea,*Flax,*Nettle,*Sage,*Marshmallow Root,*Cayenne,*Ginseng,*Peppermint,*St. John's Wort,*Alfalfa,*Vitamin E, ‡ Candelilla Wax ,*Guar Gum,*Gum Arabic, § Xanthan Gum, § Potassium Sorbate,*Benzoin Resin, † Carrot Seed Oil. * CERTIFIED ORGANIC † ORGANIC ‡ WILDCRAFTED § NON-GMO PLANT SOURCED _______________________________________________________________ 【Precautions】: 1. Including body temperature and sweat may cause this product to flow into the eyes, and sunscreen ingredients may irritate the eyes, so at least 1 cm from the eye when applying to avoid irritation. 2. Always store in a dry, cool place. 3. If you feel unwell or allergic, please stop or consult a physician. [Place of Origin]: United States.


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