Three-dimensional cherry necklace necklace

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Designed by the Hong Kong brand Make Your Choicessss Floral Lab, it is handmade. Three-dimensional real flower ornaments



Three-dimensional cherry necklace necklace


**material:** Japanese cherry blossoms (limited flowers), hydrangea eternal flower **Other floral options** You can order the picture directly, or make a little change; for example, "I want to change the second flower on the left hand side to the 4th flower color". Just consult the designer before placing the order. _________________________________________ **Definite floral material introduction:** 1. Japanese prunus serrulata It blooms from January to April each year. The flowering period is not long. The leaves are mostly white, light pink and pink. There are three to five flowers in a single symbiosis, and most of them are single petals. The cherry petals are thin and small, crystal clear, and will be bright after Fall like snow. **Designer's words:** I'm glad to meet you! The series you are looking at is inspired by my own experiences. Girls are like flowers, but girls are not necessarily weak. "Some people once said that I have two extremes: one is weak and the other is water, and one is as strong as steel." In addition, Jono is just my adjective to myself, and repeatedly applies the fragile flowers to achieve wearability. Horizontal, rigid and soft. The following is the designer's visit: _________________________ **[[common problem]]** Q: The flower part will be easily broken? Answer: Normal wear will not deform or damage it. Do not pull on or pressurize the trim. It is not brittle under normal wear conditions. Since all parts of the flowers have been protected by at least 4 layers of UV glue. The owner had once tested that throwing the prominent dried flowers down on the ground was still intact. But these are always real flowers, and the hardness must not be as high as the metal. You need your protection. Q: What is s925 sterling silver? A: There is no 100% silver jewelry in the world, because sterling silver is a very soft metal, if it is pure silver can not be shaped, so it must be in the silver with 7.5% of the alloy in order to make it indestructible, and plus the alloy is not just In order to make the silver jewelry shape, it can also improve its luster and brightness. If the silverware shows signs of yellowing, the easiest way is to use toothpaste and water to gently wash the surface, or use a small jewelry brush to clean the silver jewelry's sew, then wipe the surface with a silver cloth to wipe the surface, and you can immediately restore the original Bright. The shop uses high-quality metal fittings, and the designer has personally tested the product without any allergies. Due to the difference in individual's physical condition, allergies appear when wearing, please stop wearing it immediately. If you have any questions, please check with the designer. Q: Will the flowers be saved forever? A: The form is forever, but the color may change slightly with time. All dried flowers are of natural color and have not been artificially dyed with flowers. In the direct sunlight or in a humid environment, a little fading is a normal phenomenon, and the degree of fading of each flower of each color and variety is not the same, so it can not be ensured that it will not fade forever. The preserved flowers are artificially dyed for lasting color retention. To prolong the color fidelity of flowers, it is recommended to store the accessories in a dark and dry place and place a moisture-proof dehumidifying bag. After wearing, please put it in the jewelry box, and avoid long-term exposure to the sun, to avoid exposure to chemicals such as perfume. Q: The goods I receive will be exactly the same as the pictures. A: Each piece of jewelry is made of real flowers, so each piece cannot be 100% identical, and each piece is unique. Each finished product is finished by the designer. The position and size of dried flowers in each necklace will not be exactly the same. However, the type, quantity and color of dried flowers used in this shop are the same as those in the same category. However, please compare the designers and the finished products will be as beautiful as the pictures. Due to the relationship between cameras and different displays, there will be a small amount of color difference between photos and objects. Please forgive me. Payment policy: - Please check with your personal communications designer before requesting payment for the order. - Please confirm the payment after the designer has confirmed that there is a suitable flower making product. **Shipping and delivery time:** - After the payment is confirmed, the designer will start making jewelry. All jewelry production will take 3-5 working days (excluding Saturdays and holidays). - According to the destination, there are different days of service delivery, approximately 5-10 business days after delivery (excluding Saturdays and holidays) **Return Policy:** - Each item will be sold after rigorous inspection. Unless the item is seriously inconsistent with its description, we will not make any refund or return arrangement. - Photographic factors such as light, camera, or computer monitor may cause color differences, and the physical and product photos may differ slightly. - The real flower ornaments purchased in this shop are all maintained for 30 days. If the flowers are damaged within 30 days, you can send them by postage at your own expense.


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