Ice crystal anti-drop soft shell [message explosion] iPhone series mobile phone case protective shell anti-drop shell

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The looming pattern, low-key beauty. Ice crystal anti-drop soft case: TPU soft case, the side of the phone case is higher than the screen to protect the screen. ※Mobile phone case purchase instructions※ In order to protect the environment and avoid excessive production, the mobile phone case adopts an order-to-order production system, which takes 2 to 3 wor


Ice crystal anti-drop soft shell [message explosion] iPhone series mobile phone case protective shell anti-drop shell

商品説明 Every Onor phone case is monitored by a dedicated person Use Japanese original printing machine + high chroma environmentally friendly ink Ensure the quality of each phone case The "small-volume production" model can better avoid excessive waste Do your part to protect the environment Discovery Series [Message Explosion] Simulate the color of the phone body itself, the phone case will look like after being inserted, the picture is for reference only, the actual color please refer to the actual product [Introduction of ice crystal anti-fall soft shell] Protect the phone is not heavy High-quality TPU, showing the original colors of mobile phones All mobile phones use high-supporting German Bayer high-quality environmentally friendly TPU Different from the very soft material on the market Not easy to yellow, integrally formed, delicate and translucent [Model table] The size of the phone case is recommended to refer to the size of the phone case after purchasing the phone case You can also choose to match a mobile phone case. Onor patent wipeable phone case Phone case design: Cocoa and Black Chestnut There are always oil stains and fingerprints on the phone screen and phone case? Want to place it anywhere, but worry about scratches and wear? 🤔 In order to solve these problems We designed this patent wipeable phone case! 👉 Just bring your mobile phone and wallet, you can go out lightly👈 👉 Mobile phones often have oily fingerprints, so wipe them up at any time to make them cleaner👈 👉 Put it anywhere and don’t worry about other things scratching your phone👈 👉 It’s more convenient to hang your hands or neck when commuting to work👈 **Excellent wiping power** Made of microfiber suede cloth Its fiber is only 1/250 of hair Can easily wipe off the oil, fingerprints, etc. on the phone screen **Prevent falling out** Onor Design patented anti-drop design Replace the burden of metal zippers Comfortable feel, minimalist style **Carry** It is very light to put in the pocket (the phone case is M size in the diagram) Put it in the bag without scratching Choose a phone case🛍 (⇝Click me to enter the phone case) Shop for more phone cases (⇝Click me to enter the phone case)


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