Rose Gold Wenqing Wedding Letter //Application for Marriage//Set Collection

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Rose gold Wenqing wedding contract, the text on the inside page is stamped with gold, and the Wenqing style American design; Fill in the relevant information in the blanks, which is necessary for notarized marriage or marriage registration at the household registration office The exquisite book cover collection is a permanent collection of a lifetime commitm



Rose Gold Wenqing Wedding Letter //Application for Marriage//Set Collection


【Product desciption】 Book clip nest texture card (31.5X22.5cm) Inner page straight type/weight 300gsm/imported fine water-grained paper (21x29.7cm) Book cover non-woven fabric (34.5X26.5cm) ◎ Text bronzing treatment (yellow fog gold) ◎ Leave a space to fill in personal information by yourself ◎ The set set comes with about 3 copies of the marriage registration certificate at the household registration office ▲ Book appointment package set: three book appointments + book appointment folder 750 yuan ▲ Book appointment collection: three book appointments + book appointment folder + exquisite book cover 819 yuan ▲ Single purchase book appointment folder (without book appointment inner pages) 350 yuan _____________________ ※※※The other three colors of the book cover can be selected (dark green/dark blue/coffee). If you need to replace it, please indicate in the remarks column. ※※※Please note the color of the book cover (black/gray/camel) when ordering, and it will be shipped without a unified black. _____________________ * Since May 23, 1997, in accordance with Article 982 of the Civil Law, Taiwan has officially changed from "ceremonial marriage" to "registered marriage." Marriage is legally valid only if the marriage registration is handled in household affairs. . The following materials are required for marriage registration: 💏Marriage agreement (one for the household registration office to collect, and the other two for each party to collect one; the witnesses are asked to sign the name in advance without being accompanied by the household registration office.) 💏 Original ID cards of both parties 💏 Account book of both parties 💏 A 2-inch half-color ID photo taken by both parties in the past two years 💏 Both sides seal or signature 💏 The original marriage letter includes the signatures of two witnesses (Note: The household registration office will take one copy, and it is recommended to prepare 2-3 copies of the marriage agreement for more insurance) . ❤️ Intimate reminder: you need to pay 50 yuan to renew the national ID card, and the account book is 30 yuan [Intimate reminder] ☆The picture of the ordered product may affect the visual effect due to the difference in the lighting or the color of the screen. ☆Manually made, it is inevitable that there are scratches on the paper, fiber spots are normal and do not affect the use. If you cannot accept small defects or require perfectionists, do not place an order. ☆If you want to know more about related issues or areas that require assistance in operation, you can use private messages to ask more. ☆The product cannot be returned after being sent, please confirm before placing an order to avoid disputes, please forgive me.


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