Patchouli (Authentic) Fragrance Candle 250G

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Patchouli (Authentic) Fragrance Candle 250G


Patchouli Patchouli always gives a calming power. She is also perfume / aromatherapy in the commonly used materials, incense of the end of the smell of wood scattered, like mature male light blue shirt aftertaste, but also the most suitable for women swing out of the aroma, after all, not people see people Love the taste, but the most suitable to understand and not afraid of strange eyes, there is self-confidence, assertive you. product features Aroma diffuse: ★ ★ ★ ★ Aroma durability: ★ ★ ★ ★ Fragrant candles ● French imports Made In France Pure plant wax ● South France hand ● the world perfume capital Grasse (Grasse) incense ● special crystal texture wax Product specifications > 250G - about five to seven feet of space, burning time about 30 hours Capacity | 250G / 8.8 OZ ± 10% Ingredients | Plant wax Origin | France Manufacturing method | 100% hand storage method Instructions for use The first use of at least complete burning for more than an hour, so that the candle surface completely burned. To avoid continuous burning fragrance candles for more than four hours, so as to avoid the full release of fragrance. Please light the candle on the horizontal surface, trim the candle, keep the candle length of about 0.5cm and stay vertical. Candle core after burning black ball, be sure to cut, to avoid causing white smoke. To cedar wood for the dual candle core limited single product, please also ignite the two candle core to maintain the candle surface smooth. The cap material does not apply to direct flame extinguishing, do not directly cover the burning candles. Candle surface near the bottom of the bottle about 1cm, please put out the candle, no longer use, so as to avoid damage to the bottle. * Each fragrance candle, all French fragrance candle hand teacher personally completed, the use of natural plant wax raw materials, The technology produces the surface of the crystalline wax, with the French craftsmanship (Savoir-Faire), producing a long burning Stable candles, and then the perfume of the world perfume perfume fragrance, aroma extraordinary, suitable for love home love, The most personal qualities, know how to live you. * Note: Each section is a unique hand works, each candle has characteristics. Use with caution Be careful to use candles in the space of children and animals, be sure to turn off the candles when you leave the space. Do not burn candles on uneven surfaces and avoid placing them near flammable objects. Do not move the burning candles. Do not let the flame burn to the bottle. Do not place objects above the candle burning. Origin / manufacturing method French hand


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