Dailylike Nordic ceramic plate fox group 01 - the main plate, E2D28086

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● ceramic material production ● Nordic minimalist design ● fox illustration in the middle, the main dish blue edge ● Eac



Dailylike Nordic ceramic plate fox group 01 - the main plate, E2D28086


● ceramic material production ● Nordic minimalist design ● fox illustration in the middle, the main dish blue edge ● Each single entry /**Product Description and Story**/ Dailylike is committed to make everyday life more joyful. From stationery to home and even kitchenware, Dailylike creates beauty and fun for everyone's life with unique tastes and good quality attitude. Never compromise or invite You join Dailylike's philosophy of life, so life is full of small Fortunately. /**Product Description**/ Size: 24.5x3cm / Material: Ceramic. Can hold salad, cooked food, biscuits Can also be used in the refrigerator or oven ice (but the temperature should be below 130 degrees Celsius) Can use the dishwasher to clean (but it is recommended to use a soft sponge scrub, will not appear scars or brush marks). Dailylike texture kitchen gold rim porcelain plate, a total of L / M two sizes can be used with, please go to the sections of the page to buy. **【Caution】** Do not touch the fire directly, please do not heat the flame directly. This series of tableware, if gilded / silver, are the same metal tableware, do not heat in the microwave. Do not directly into the cold water after the tableware is heated, to avoid the tableware rupture caused by excessive temperature difference. **【Cleaning Notice】** Ceramic products and metal products to be cleaned separately, because after the collision of metal products may have traces of ceramic surface. It is recommended to scrub with bare hands or with a soft sponge, which may cause scratches on the gold-plated / silver surfaces due to the dishwasher or canaguan cloth. Wipe clean the tea or coffee grounds, wash the metal traces with salt, and if there are any traces of residue, put in the kitchen detergent. Stowage or napkin placed between the two to prevent scratches. **【Purchase note】** Each of this series of products will not be completely similar. Porcelain edge gold-plated titanium, sometimes produce: gilded titanium lines irregular, small pinholes, similar to the phenomenon of spalling. The production of the above conditions are unavoidable, belonging to the non-flawed normal phenomenon produced by the production process. Please confirm the purchase before you can accept the next order. Commodity map due to screen and light shooting problems, there is a gap with the actual items, mainly entities. / Product Size / 24.5x24.5x3 cm / Package Size / Greater than 24.5x24.5x3 cm / Material: Ceramic / Weight / 540 g https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4613/25721402478_60395caaf7_o.jpg / Designer and brand profile / Founded in 2010, Dailylike is a Korean designer brand based on DIY materials. Dailylike comes from Daegu, the most developed city where fabrics are made in South Korea. With the current trend of European and American popular scrapbooking DIY, specifically for the DIY handmade fans tailor made. Dailylike team believe that the heart can touch everyone, our products from design to finished products, Through various checks, through serious attitude, create a happy work, so that everyone can enjoy the beautiful design of small objects easily. Dailylike hope that everyone can enjoy the good life in the United States and Japan through our design, and love every day, we are all together.


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