925 sterling silver ring _ return to zero (rose gold)

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925 sterling silver ring _ return to zero (rose gold)


Design Works / Zero - Ring A circle, is a circle, It can be zero. From scratch, not just re-zero, It is full of new start. The heart is full So can not bear the equipment is not lost, a new Year Go back together again! concept of design/ One molding ring type, 360 degrees can wear your own point of view. /Colour/ Silver, rose gold. Works of material / 925 sterling silver / Spot size / The widest 0.2 cm minimum 0.2cm forward forming, from coarse to fine The current size of the international index: # 12 ~ # 14 * Cf international ring, according to your ring custom! Please refer to the photo * Indicate size can be shrunk the date you received! / Material / 925 sterling silver /size/ Can be made to increase size, but need 10 to 14 working days! Made in the size of the order in the "order-made orders, size increases the price of silver different !! ** can refer to the above chart to the ring measurement method! / Use and maintenance mode / Do not take a bath, you can touch the water Can not be hot springs! ~ Will immediately black! Do not with hot springs! Daily use of silver cloth can be wiped! Can be returned to the factory maintenance ~! /Packing/ * Exclusive manual packaging !!!!!! The designer himself is a person who loves to pack and write a small card So if you want to give it .... then you find on the 瞜 ~ ~ ~ !!! M Museum of the works of packaging and shipping, are collected free of the beautiful packaging paper ~ Wrapping paper ~ pick with the election ~! But it is definitely love that everyone ~ ~ (I also love !!!!) Each one is EVA hand-wrapped !! ~ because hope that each received the girl will smile ~ If you want to give gifts ~ "" "" Do not forget the order, tell EVA how to call the recipient " Because there are handwritten small card will be attached to the inside ~ now we are accustomed to using LINE Handwritten words, or have it in the emotions, so I like handwriting Also insist on handwriting to all the guests Thank you, let me bear fruit for your work! / Designer and brand profile / mission Each piece of work are personally created, each work has a name and design concept, from design to production through a hand, hand-made, although I only have a person, a hand, but I want to use works to see the world! Introduction The moment in life is worthy of being retained, it is my (My), your good moments, as you are attracted by my work, this moment is worth preserving! I want to make friends with works and the world, Want to use a kraft box around the world! Let the works exist in every corner of the world. This is a brand that insists on handmade and original design, Use a hand to create the story of the work Every work has a temperature and a story. Want to use works, tell each moment of the move Want to use works, keep my positive power, Encourage everyone, "have a dream and be brave". Each work is not just a fitting, but always in the side, tell yourself to brave the dream of the intimate power. M.moment is a story of the strength of the brand. Origin / manufacturing method Taiwan hand


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