iPhone 8 Plus iPhone 7 Plus Planet Mobile Shell Vinyl Record Customization

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The touch of a real vinyl record brings the forgotten voice to your side // HIRAETH Romantic Planet Series - Vinyl Record Handmade Phone Case // From the 70-2000s vinyl record, use the years to re-record your life. Accept customized mobile phone models, l



iPhone 8 Plus iPhone 7 Plus Planet Mobile Shell Vinyl Record Customization


https://27900029-449562394219196636.preview.editmysite.com/uploads/2/7/9/0/27900029/1174319216_orig.jpg Every planet goes from zero to the end, as if it has gone a long way, and it seems to be just a moment of time. I often dream that maybe one day we can only float in the empty space, surrounded by stardust, watching the planet we used to call home, and then continue our journey. Then at least let me hold the romance of the whole universe in my hand at this moment. There are also stars and moons to look forward to, as well as the romance of the universe. // About the album // They used vinyl records from the 70s and 2000s, each from different countries. The record itself has been washed by time. We hope that the guests can also feel the traces of time, not perfect, only Ask for it like our life, to accompany us to experience and record everything left in time. Of course, because I hope that each piece of my work can accompany you for the longest time, the works have after-sales maintenance. If you use it for a long time, you can help you with maintenance and replacement. The work accepts a single/combined order, and the custom couple can also choose different planets. https://27900029-449562394219196636.preview.editmysite.com/uploads/2/7/9/0/27900029/684665638_orig.jpg https://27900029-449562394219196636.preview.editmysite.com/uploads/2/7/9/0/27900029/629665720_orig.jpg The delicate soundtrack of the recycled vinyl record reflects the dreamy color under different light, and the dilapidated record creates a colorful universe that is still beautiful. https://27900029-449562394219196636.preview.editmysite.com/uploads/2/7/9/0/27900029/engrave_orig.jpg We can engrave your favorite words on the shell, no matter the number of words and language. No limit on the number of words, priority booking lettering service is free! The phone case is all-inclusive, retaining the good texture of the work, and greatly improving the protection of the phone. https://27900029-449562394219196636.preview.editmysite.com/uploads/2/7/9/0/27900029/engrave_orig.jpg The phone case can add your favorite words to Chinese, English, Japanese, French, and other languages. 6 font types to choose from, also accept custom-made or favorite constellations or small patterns More different mobile phone shell styles can be slowly selected in our design gallery https://27900029-449562394219196636.preview.editmysite.com/uploads/2/7/9/0/27900029/planetlist-ps_1_orig.jpg Material: Vinyl record, anti-marking stencil The vinyl part of the vinyl record is a real vinyl record, not a printed/false texture on the market. // I hope the happiness brought to you is from the time you open the package. // Works include: exquisite ribbon gift box, small card https://27900029-449562394219196636.preview.editmysite.com/uploads/2/7/9/0/27900029/12556163-1133340203343169-550230311-n_orig.jpg After discussing the ideas with us, we are going to do it step by step.


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