Morandi color light cup nude powder Morandi blue birthday gift eternal flower night light dry flower

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"Filament base light model", "general base light model" light style Each has its own beauty /size/ 12 * 16 / Flower / Dried flower Eternal flower Ecuador eternal rose Japanese Land Farm Rose Belgian Frozen Rose


Morandi color light cup nude powder Morandi blue birthday gift eternal flower night light dry flower


❗️❗️ The "pedestal models" are out of stock! !! Do not place an order for the base ❗️❗️ Filament models are available! !! !! Never thought Gray-blue conflicts with naked pink But it was so harmonious. Laser engraving technology replaces you to complete the most beautiful hand written words✍🏻 Ability to customize the text and words you want on a wooden base The gift is very suitable, the warm night light. 🎁 Gifts are indispensable for exquisite packaging Welcome to purchase "exquisite gift boxes" and "brand bags" to make gifts more warm and more face-saving ☺️ | Lettering restrictions | Chinese and English unlimited Suggest a maximum of 25 words English is calculated as a single word | How to save | Do not expose the dried flower to the sun, do not touch the water, it can be placed in a cool place for more than two to three years, depending on the storage environment Dried flowers damp and moldy, please wipe with alcohol In case of dust, please use a hair dryer to adjust the temperature and wind speed. | How to ship | Use anti-collision Sydney paper to protect the packaging. You can also purchase Korean style transparent bags at the store. In addition to gifts for personal use, the problem of collision damage during transportation can be minimized. / Know Before You Buy / -The photos are taken in real products, but due to the handmade and flower shape, we cannot guarantee that the products are exactly the same -The dried flower itself is fragile, and it is inevitable that a small amount of flower debris will fall out of the box. Super perfectionists, please consider placing orders carefully. -Because the flowers are seasonal, if you are out of stock, we will design and match the appropriate flowers for you under the condition of unchanged color and overall appearance -Dried flowers and immortal flowers are natural materials, which will inevitably collide and drop slightly during transportation. We will try our best to protect the products properly. -If you have any questions about the product, please do not hurry to give a bad review, we will deal with it as soon as possible after contacting us