The Soul of the soul does not sleep organic cotton single quilt (gray-green crescent)

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The Soul of the soul does not sleep organic cotton single quilt (gray-green crescent)


"The Soul of the soul does not sleep."

Between waking and sleeping
Between day and night
Between the breathing and heartbeat speed
Stop in and take off between consciousness
Do it or not is not a gray area

Every day in the morning
Each bed in the world
Every day opened his eyes the moment
I woke up?

Or after waking up, sleeping to live another day?

*Description Size: 150x210 single quilt (included tying the entrance to the natural Ma Pui embellishment)*

*Material: 100% OCS Turkey Organic Certified Organic Cotton*

* <Cooperatives awakening light series>

Before waking each day, each day before lying down.
Light of cooperatives in the third installment in the series, I hope to bring awakening primer for new start thinking one day; for the just concluded memories day.
Day by day, too, we are constantly repeating the same cycle in your life?
Or with a lucid mind, not bound by the external framework?
Light cooperatives awakening series, we want to wake up the sleeping soul, every day with a new heart to face life itself, fear is not inside the frame, to live a more comfortable hearty every possible .....

In three years is not applied pesticides and herbicides Turkish organic cotton, introduced to Taiwan by the famous old factory Tai Yuen weaving Bupi, specializes in the manufacture and appoint a special counter set up calls by the meticulous workmanship with 24 years of experience in processing plants carefully sewn by hand made. *

* Light cooperatives mind, is to make plastics industry, power of the people of Taiwan, during the eight hours of sleep every day, using every inch of skin pores can completely breathable organic cotton material, so that the public is already familiar with the fast fashion, pick up again from natural fibers understanding and loving.
As a natural fiber bedding for adults as the main brand, we hope to bring you more of their own use of the product awareness and reminders, but also by the beauty of the presentation fusion concept, so sleep life, delicate skin easier closer to the natural desire. *

Each season is changing the change in a crowded, colorful street east from Korean, Japanese trend to store brands are internationally renowned, fashionable clothing, fashionable people but then quickly embrace every day and no knowledge of his skin fabrics .
Unconsciously, we do not recognize the body of the fabric material is actually inferior petrochemical fibers.
Unconsciously, we can not feel, although we have not eaten the fabric, but a large number of printing dyes and chemicals, have forgotten their bodies actually need good ventilation and breathing, will in raw materials and consumer distant relative hope not know each other that day, we have forgotten, the earth and the earth is breathing ... ..

Because bedding not changed daily clothes, and therefore pay more attention to its material and process whether human-friendly, we tried a little bit more on the environment, supply chain, product information for transparency, for the creation of a brand and wherein each of the starting point should be a choice from goodness.

**"Light Cooperatives" is a balance between beauty, temperature and friendly bedding brand.**

**FiatLux light cooperatives dual personality.**
External personality is derived from the sense of responsibility for social care, so we are committed to the promotion of natural fibers (such as cotton, linen, wood pulp fiber, Tencel, etc.) or the use of renewable fibers. Inherent personality is from the aesthetic appearance, the design itself set off the texture of the fabric, style, simple and elegant, let the pressure back to the bedroom after a mild color completely release day and tension.

**"Light cooperatives do not just sell bedding, not just sleep, our response is returned to the bedroom after each, that you want to really ... The real desire ... quiet."**

** "Light cooperatives", is Taiwan's first to offer a variety of color organic cotton bedding brand.
Taiwan is also the first natural fiber, environmentally friendly bedding as the core spirit of the brand. **
Origin / manufacturing methods
Turkish organic cotton / old textile factory in Taiwan Taiwan dollar manufacturing / processing plant three decades sewing skill