[Pot plant] inverted plant series _ Huang Li / succulents / gift planting graduation gift

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Succulent plant head down series Huang Li feel vintage pottery pot gift pot Where did you fall and lay there?


[Pot plant] inverted plant series _ Huang Li / succulents / gift planting graduation gift


Down-planting series - Huang Li "Where I fell, I was lying there, Not necessarily a landscape. " Is it not a beauty to stumble? Life is not entirely beautiful, but it is not completely dark. Just, in the blurry area where many can’t touch it, Remember to live with all your strength. This is the idea when designing the "Breakdown" series. I also want to tell myself through the strong vitality of the plants. When you are tired and want to give up, Remind yourself to stick to it. -About the goods - Ingredients - plant yellow, hand-feeling pottery, various media Size - diameter 13 cm high 10 cm (including plants) *The plant size is slightly different To protect plants, plants are planted in pots when packaged. And attach white stones, After receiving it, white stone will be laid on the surface. - Care - Sunlight, ventilated and bright place by the window or balcony When the medium is completely dry, the water is poured through (the bottom hole starts to drip) Avoid long-term indoors, no ventilation, lack of light will make the flesh lose color, or become thin and tall The studio provides marking stickers and self-adhesive stickers on goods or cards (limited to English capitalization and numbers, free of charge within 30 letters). If necessary, please note the words you want when placing your order. This is a living commodity, and the proper moisture and sunlight are essential We will carefully package the protected goods Can be used for home delivery or super-goods - About delivery - "Home delivery", does not include production time is about 1 day, will send a notice after shipment "Super-commercial pick-up" does not include production time of about 2~3 days. After shipment, it will send a notice. You need to go to the supermarket to pick up the pieces. If you want to pay attention to the pick-up time, you can use the tracking list first. If the inquiry is received, please take the unpacking on the same day after the arrival of the goods, so as to avoid the plant being stuffy. We will ship the goods within 0~4 days after the payment is completed. If there is a desired arrival date, please specify when ordering. If you are inconvenient to pick up the goods on the 6th, consecutive holidays, etc., please also note when ordering, it is convenient for you to avoid. If you need an urgent order, please come to us to discuss with us, can you complete the order before the date, thank you for your cooperation.


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