Grapefruit Forest Handmade Glass - Psychedelic Forest Series - Floating - Glass Pen - Dipstick

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Grapefruit Forest Handmade Glass - Psychedelic Forest Series - Floating - Glass Pen - Glass Pen - Dipstick



Grapefruit Forest Handmade Glass - Psychedelic Forest Series - Floating - Glass Pen - Dipstick


Glass dip pen

Each pen is completely different and each pen is slightly hand-finished.
(For example, the pen body and the writing head may not be completely straight, the surface layer may not be smooth, some lines may feel rough, and there may be a sense of unevenness, and the groove for sucking ink may not be completely equidistant.)

Will be sold to do a branch [more than two or more, please leave a message to see the sample to determine OK and then subscript]

(The remade pen must be different)

A stick will be sent out by photo

Each glass pen has its own life temperature, hand-feeling, feeling lines, length, etc.

【Usage method】

Apply 3/1 to more than half the ink on the tip to start writing (do not bump the end of the ink bottle)

Each pen, the feeling of writing at each angle, is different

Some angles can't be written. Some angles can still be written smoothly. Look for angles that suit your writing.

After writing, use clean water to clean the tip of the pen.

You can use the soft toothbrush to dry it after brushing and drying.

★ You may have some normal scratching when you first use it

★ Do not take protective tube horizontally straight (easily hurt to the tip)
Please turn left and right in the opposite direction to take off the protective tube

★ Each pen has a unique, naturally occurring bubble or bubble pattern (see Figure 2.3.4)

★ ink please use pen ink

★ Practice words can pick hard pen posts

★ Comes with a small ink (5ml) + Collection box (★ Due to the ink (liquid) can not pass the customs, please send international ink is not included)

★ If there is damage to be repaired, the maintenance fee will be charged depending on the damage condition (when the pruning property cannot be repaired)

★ Do not imagine, think ... wait for shopping, thank you very much

★ For other notes, please read [detailed] Read "Design Management Transaction Policy" on the right.

★ 14 days for the work production period, international letters may exceed the 14-day working period, mind friends do not subscript

Refer to Figure 5 (+-5mm)

Material /
Hand-fired glass + protection pen hose

Maintenance: Do not drop fingerprints on the pen body, use a soft cloth to gently wipe

brand introduction:
The “glazed glass” that requires 1300 degrees of heat to quench the chain is a gift given to the fire. The glass that you want to present in the grapefruit forest is not only a decoration but also a small art piece that can be incorporated into your life. Among them, hidden unique and tough passion
Origin / manufacturing methods
Grapefruit handmade glass designer exclusive design to create


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