Dog collar, leather collar, dog

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Leather pet collar, engraved with a unique name for the dog



Dog collar, leather collar, dog


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* Some products are available in semi-finished materials. We will pre-process the more difficult parts, and other parts will be completed by the guests~

order process:
* Guests can use the following format when placing an order:
Color: (eg: C1 wine red)
Custom content: (Please engrave John (word 4) in the lower right corner of the cover)

Finished goods:

***about delivery fee
- Product price does not include shipping costs
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This pet collar uses an Italian belt leather, very thick but comfortable
You can engrave the name of Mao Wang (English name only) and date of birth.
Or you can engrave the owner's mobile phone number. In case the baby is lost, the good-hearted person can contact the owner immediately.

If you are unsure of the size, you can first measure the Wang Xingren's item to the designer, and let the designer make appropriate adjustments for Wang Xingren.

*Send to Taiwan: Due to the need for SF Express, the ID of the residential address must be provided in Taiwan.
Please note at checkout to ensure the progress of the delivery.
* All leathers have growth marks and are natural scars, which is normal.
*In different locations, lighting, mobile phones, computers, colors, there will be color difference 喔
* Production time is 5-7 working days, excluding holidays and Sundays
*Express delivery takes 2-3 working days, Saturday delivery company does not send pieces, shipping is cash on delivery

Full length: 55CM
Width: 2.5CM
Applicable to Wang Xingren of 45-50CM

***About lettering

*We have the word size and size (usually the default is the word one, if you want to use other words, please inform :) )
Only font 4 is capitalized, other words are only uppercase
*If you want or symbol, please refer to the following pattern. When placing an order, please indicate the number of the payment number in the remarks column or contact us.

Word bronzing/silver service (additional processing fee, cost depends on the number of words)
*Note that there is only one type of word (pictured)

Monogram / round lettering (plus HKD 50, processing fee of NT 193)
The diameter of the circle is 1 1/8", and the circle is divided into three parts (left, center, right). You can engrave your name with the initials / your favorite spelling

*Because the word granules are hand-punched by one hand, we will do our best to do our best, but it is impossible to be perfect straight/tidy, please forgive me
*If there is leather interference in the same line, it will affect the lettering effect, so the bottom of the bottom surface is preset. If you have special requirements, please contact us.
*Because the word granules are formed by hand stamping on the leather, the marks will be visible in the pressed place (the bottom is engraved, the leather surface will be more obvious), which is inevitable, but it also shows the hand-made lettering. value.

*** color / leather
#0 primary color leather
* Salt based hand dye color (S series)
S1 - Chi Fuchsia
S2 - Zhu Vermilion
S3 - Peony Peony
S4 - Maroon Maroon
S5 - Dark Purple Purple Plumeria
S6 - Orange Orange
S7 - Light Golden Yamabuki
S10 - Earth Yellow Sand Yellow
S11 - Purple Purple
S12 - Purple Blue Purple Blue
S13 - Chocolate Chocolate
S14 - Sky Blue Sky Blue
S15 - Blue Blue
S16 - Dark Green Dark Green
S17 - Green Green
S18 - Mustard Wasabi
S19 - Tea Light Brown
S20 - Dark Brown
S21 - Black Black
S22 - Grey Grey
*Water-based hand dye color (W series)
W1 - Pink Fuchsia Red
W2 - Dark Red Red
W3 - Purple Puchsia Purple
W4 - Dark Vio Violetto
W5 - Dark Wine Red Bordeaux Scuro
W6 - Dark Orange Arancio
W7 - Tea Brown
W8 - Cognac
W9 - Dark Brown Dark Brown
W10 - Black Black
W11 - Yellow Yellow
W13 - Gold Oro Metal
W14 - Dead Leaf Senape Scuro
W15 - Christmas Green Xmas Green
W16 - Sugi Verde
W18 - Sky Blue Azzuro
W19 - Blue Grey Blue Grey
W20 - Dark Blue Navy Scuro


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