Brand classic fragrance moisturizing group-light blue / fragrance body lotion & hand cream

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Brand classic fragrance-light blue~SLL x illuBase popular selection recommendation! ※If you want to combine your own taste, please let me know in the order remarks~~



Brand classic fragrance moisturizing group-light blue / fragrance body lotion & hand cream


※【Free blank drawing notebook for purchases over 600 in the museum (market price 110 yuan); Free Sister Brand SLL Fragrance Lip Balm (market price 180 yuan)] You may have heard or seen Taiwan fragrance brand [SLL Simple Life Lab], But have you noticed that the packaging of all fragrance products of SLL uses rich and meaningful illustrations to interpret the fragrance? In fact, the planning team for these illustrations is the base of illuBase illustrators! Since 2015, SLL and illuBase's two sister brands have jointly developed many popular fragrance products, which have also been loved by many customers. From 2019, illuBase has also officially launched its own fragrance hand cream! The product was developed by the same team in SLL. Hand cream is still suitable for use in Taiwan in the subtropical climate. Full plant formula, adding natural shea butter, refreshing and moisturizing, but not greasy, It can be said to be an advanced version of SLL hand cream. Consumers who like fragrance, welcome to pay attention to sister brands SLL and illuBase at the same time! We will continue to launch fragrance products that everyone loves at the conference, and accompany each other to live a wonderful and unique life. Combination package: Charming 12 – Keep balance (light blue) Ours / Hsinchu – Reverberation (light blue) SLL body lotion [Charming 12-12 kinds of romantic moments] The charm of women is the amorous feelings of different scenes. Which one is the Charming in your state today? In the spring of 2019, SLL collaborated with two young creators Tina Chen / Amber Hung, A selection of 12 amorous fragrances, with 12 female illustrations with different charms, While applying body lotion to moisturize the skin, it is a moment to show your unique self again through the sense of smell. I have my taste "Body Milk Features" 1. SLL adheres to the brand concept of avoiding preservatives as much as possible. In the body milk launched this time, a natural antiseptic system made of active ingredients extracted from the traditional Chinese medicine "Magnolia", also known as a self-preservative system, is used. The use of natural antiseptic raw materials at the same level as international brands allows customers who love fragrance to use it with peace of mind. 2. Carrying out the core spirit of the SLL brand "to accompany customers with low-key scent expression", each SLL body lotion is matched with a different style of fragrance to moisturize the skin, relieve stress and show charm. 3. SLL body milk also has the functional practicality that the customer group needs: A. Contains hyaluronic acid, hydroxyethyl urea and palmitol, simple maintenance actions to maintain skin moisture and elasticity. B. Add provitamin B5 and shea butter for deep repair. C. Inject additional comprehensive vitamins to provide nutrients needed by the skin and maintain healthy vitality. Contents: 200ml How to use: After bathing or when needed, apply an appropriate amount to the whole body and massage gently until the skin is completely absorbed. illuBase Story Fragrance Series / Ours City, an organism. A casual glance, as if a woman, each with a unique appearance. In the spring of 2020, illuBase joins hands with the cutting-edge illustrator TUENHUA, With [Ours Our] as the title, for the land we love, islands, Taiwan, From the perspective of a traveling girl, tell a story for the six local cities with illustrations. The traveler came and took away a deep mark. Illustrator-TUENHUA Born in Taiwan in 1996. I am not good at vocabulary, Painting is sustenance and connection. Each picture has its own language. Just wait for how you read. "Hand Cream Features" Full plant formula hand cream The strength of MIT makes consumption not only beauty, but also practical value! A plant-based hand cream suitable for use in subtropical climates, Moisturizing and not greasy, protecting hands, Each story illustration has a different fragrance, Let the illustration connect with the sense of smell and touch to create a rich and diverse five sense enjoyment. The traveler came and took away a deep mark. Contents: 30ml [IlluBase] Illustration, an approachable art form. Not only beauty, but also rich in words and ideas that the creator wants to express. IlluBase established in 2015, Regarding "illustrator's stage, creative life base" as our positioning, Through online photo gatherings and activities, I have been with everyone who loves to paint. At the same time, we continue to collaborate across multiple five senses On the one hand, the creator’s work is promoted, On the other hand, combining the strength of high-quality MIT to develop rich products, Accompany users, bravely live out wonderful differences in the visual feast of illustrations. illuBase See the power of illustration!


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