Misssheep-N32 gray ethnic wind color South American wax braided brass elongated stone necklace clavicle chain

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Unique South American wax braided elongated stone necklace.


Misssheep-N32 gray ethnic wind color South American wax braided brass elongated stone necklace clavicle chain


https://s9.postimg.org/4zzwqz3i7/P1070393.jpg https://s9.postimg.org/ito9g13tb/P1070398.jpg https://youtu.be/_2_tNTWb5Jc Spot one is the phase of this ~ Pure hand-made, each one is hand-woven to the owner of wax. Necklace weaving changes, so each one is unique. Misssheep choose South American wax South American wax water, no fading, no smelly, and super durable, suitable for long-term wear **[Material]** - Brass - Wax line - Oval shaped labradorite about 16 x 20 mm (This is the size of the stone, because the braid line will enclose the stone, so the size of the stone exposed will be thinned by its own size) (Labradorite in different angles, there will be different luminosity, has a unique beauty, particularly bright in the sun) **[size]** Up to about 75 cm (adjustable through the head, the head circumference is generally appropriate) All accessories 圴 sent in carton packaging, there is enough protection ~ (jewelry card + bubble paper protection) (The size of the carton may change according to the size of the product, the picture is for reference only) https://s9.postimg.org/dmwzn25wv/image.jpg **[About labradorite]** Labradorite, English name labradorite plagioclase one - Laponite has a steady, firm, long-wavelength energy characteristics, for easy fatigue, often physically handicapped, help to enhance vitality and enhance physical strength, endurance - For those who often need to work overtime, you can wear labradorite, help unwittingly add physical strength, not easy to fatigue **[Maintenance and Precautions]** - Brass material will gradually oxidize with the wearing time, become more ancient copper, and another taste.If you mind, you can use copper oil to wipe to restore the original luster. (Pure copper is without any processing of copper parts, so it will have its own rust with the lines! But not every batch of accessories will be !! So ~ mind please carefully selected, thank you ~) - Wax wire braid will not be connected with glue, but the light burning wax melted paste and end, so the line of the edge or a little darken, is a normal phenomenon - natural materials such as natural stone, each of the color depth or texture are different or there will be ice cracks or natural phenomena such as cotton mist. - Products in the picture may have color differences due to different factors such as light and computer screen color design. **[About mailing]** <Hong Kong Region> We provide Hong Kong guests free of charge by plane mail, there is no tracking function - If you need to track, please make up HK $ 16 registration fee, thank you. Registration fee Bupai link: https://www.pinkoi.com/product/AQ2Nh8Ub?category=2 <Hong Kong> You can also use SF express, freight to pay. ** If the address is a non-business address or a remote area, SF Express will charge HK $ 30 for each item when it arrives, or you may choose to send it to [SF] / [SF Express] Center] / [By the way, smart cabinets] "Pick up" is free of surcharge. SF Station Address: http://www.sf-express.com/hk/tc/others/Contact_Us/SF_store_address/ SF Express Service Center Address: http://www.sf-express.com/hk/tc/others/SFNetwork/SF_service_center_address/ By the way Smart Cabinet Address: http://www.sf-express.com/hk/tc/others/SFNetwork/EF-Locker/ <Other regions> are sent by registered post, using Hongkong Post, to track emails. Origin / manufacturing methods Origin Hong Kong Misssheep handmade


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