Handmade custom = daily necessities = handmade masks = Japanese fabric * cup cake party = pink

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No matter what season, Masks, always an indispensable life essential small things, Not only block the air in the allerge



Handmade custom = daily necessities = handmade masks = Japanese fabric * cup cake party = pink


**Because all the goods are made by Katie, a one-person mini studio personally produced, rather than the sale of goods, it can not be quickly shipped** **Goods produced ~ sent to the payment day +10 working days (excluding holidays)]** **Thank you for your patience ^^** ******************************* No matter what season Masks, always an indispensable life essential small objects It not only blocks the allergens in the air Moreover, the commute on the road, In the train, MRT, the bus, Even tired to lethargy, are not afraid of gaffe Hello ^^ **************************** Shop cotton version / summer version Shop cotton version: the folder thick cotton, soft and comfortable Summer version: Three layers of unbleached tricot gauze in Taiwan, thin and breathable **************************** **■ Size** **● XS: 21.5cm wide × 10cm high** **★ S: width 21.5cm × height 11cm** **◆ M: 21.5cm wide × 12.5cm high** *** Handmade, so the size may have 1 ~ 2 cm error Oh.** ■ do not like the mask is always commercially available in the dark snoring in the cloth So every mask that Katie makes is colorful ■ double-layer folder inside the unbleached white gauze, or thick cotton shop ■ Material: Table cloth → cotton / middle → three-layer yarn or thick shop cotton / lining cloth → cotton cloth **************************** **Size Description** General commercial masks for both men and women The size is about 19.5 ~ 20cm wide and 12cm high Katie thinks girls are slightly different in size There will be an extra chin there So made some changes Shorten the height and increase the width Compared with the market masks The width of each increase of 1 cm Keep your mask closer to your ears and reduce the exposed area of your cheeks (Total width from 19.5 cm to 21.5 cm on the market) Height is as follows XS: 10 cm (height from the commercial 12 cm → 10 cm) S: 11 cm (height from the commercial 12 cm → 11 cm) M: 12.5 cm (height from the commercial 12 cm to 12.5 cm) You can compare the existing masks on hand to see if the size is right **************************** **■ customized instructions** 1) size needs to increase or decrease 2) You like other styles of cloth 3) We want to make a mask by the cloth system of other products in the design hall **The above situation can be specially made for you!** **Welcome message discussion ^^** **************************** **★ small reminder** ■ The pictures are all real shots, but there may still be unavoidable color differences. **■ Because the fabric is trimmed, the finished image will not be exactly the same as the photo.** ■ All the items are sewed by Katie on the stitch sewing machine Hand-made, there will inevitably be less straight car line, the size of a slight drop (1 ~ 2 ㎝) of the situation occurred I think this is the unique temperature of hand works, please also be sure to include this point in the purchase considerations Oh! ^^ ■ production schedule for the payment of the next 10 days from the date of calculation (excluding holidays). **************************** Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan / handmade


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